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And the beat goes on. The stuff just keeps rolling in.


evidentialist 8 Feb 14

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John Kelly speaks out after how long? Cohen is spilling the beans. I wonder how many women have not come forward. barr saying he won't be bullied? hahahahahaha, that was just theater.
Until the voters replace trump's toadies in the congress and senate trump will continue to undermine democracy, rule of law in America and the Constitution.


How much more will his supporters condone?

Quite a lot or so my FB feed leads me to believe. I don't understand how otherwise intelligent people act like he's the second coming. It's mind-boggling.

@missingkitsune At my age a second coming is a wish, not a reality!! 🤣😂

@Petter Nothing wrong with that wish. I just don't believe in it.

@missingkitsune So do you subscribe to the pholosophy of Once a King, always a King, but once a night is enough? 🤣😝🤣

@Petter Maybe less. 😆😆😆


What else is new news ?

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