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Does mainstream media control our political election process? U will hear who gets 4th place but who got first. Watch what they do to Sanders because he's not a friend to the military industries. News are supposed to inform . Do u know their are other political parties running. ? Isn't this a form of propaganda We hear what they want us to hear.

Bushshaker 7 Feb 14

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You're right about all of that. If you are anti-corporate and against the status quo, you are ignored by the corporate media except for when they come up with something negative to say about you. Our corporate media are just as slanted, tightly controlled/censored and full of propaganda as anything like Pravda or other state-run media from foreign dictatorships. Having a First Amendment in this country is a fucking joke as it ends up being a free press only for those who support the freedom to let the rich and corporations run the country.

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