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Both the Terminator and Jesus Christ said "I'll be back".
So far only the Terminator has kept his promise. - Twice!

Petter 8 Mar 25

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way more than twice


Oh I don’t know. The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Last Temptation Of Christ, The Passion Of The Christ.

They are simply remakes of the original. There's no fresh plot, I'm told.

@Petter The Last Temptation is a totally different plot.

@Geoffrey51 I wouldn't know, as I have no desire to see either film.

@Petter It caused quite a fuss with the blasphemy brigade when it came out. It’s by Martin Scorsese about Satan getting Jesus to get down off the cross and live as a normal person.

If I recall Willem Defoe plays Jesus.

@Geoffrey51 Could make a good comedy. I love the Monty Python "Life of Brian".

@Petter Me too. So funny and the satire is so clever.

@Geoffrey51 As per here.

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