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Strong Leadership!

After being MIA for the beginning of this pandemic, Biden is back! Demonstrating that he is the man to lead us through this crisis and defeat Trump and that malarkey is as pure as mud.

RoboGraham 7 Mar 25

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Australian journalists reporting what MSM in the USA fails to do.

@Aurora62 Why am I not surprised? I saw a Super Tuesday special on Free Speech TV here in America, where they had all commentators from the left, including Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, and they freely reported and commented on Biden's obvious dementia and how the corporate media are covering for him and refusing to discuss it. Better than the old Soviet state censorship how they do the dirty work of the DNC and prop this poor old guy up.

@TomMcGiverin Agree! There is no good journalism done in the MSM. If this media covers up dirt than they are complicit of the problems we’re facing and they are the enemy. The establishment elite and the MSM are the enemy. I’m glad Trump calls them Fake News. If only he called out Fox News fake news as well that would be better. But I’ll take his calling out the other ones. It’s one step forward that Bernie and the other dems fail to call out.

@Aurora62 Exposure is constantly flirted with, spun, and dismissed. At worst, an apology is made, and they promise to never participate in shenanigans again and again and again. This is what Americans call "transparency".

@Aurora62 Trump needs a state media. He's just calling out the "other" state media. In the long run, the media helps politicians. The MSM all play a tame game for their pocketbooks. However, we the people can speak truth to power.

@Fred_Snerd exactly!


We are so fucked if the DNC sticks with this guy as the nominee. Trump will chew him up in a debate and manage to beat him in Nov., in spite of how bad this crisis and the economy are going to get. Probably any of the other Dems, esp. Bernie, would beat Trump for sure. But the Dems are hellbent on stopping Bernie and seem to be wanting to lose in Nov., because Trump would maintain their status quo and they can keep all the blame on him for another four years.

It's Dementia Joe- Live from the nursing home....

We have to look to each other for support instead of government.

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