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By Friday, the US will likely surpass China and Italy in number of cases. Testing is vertically nonexistent. Doctors, hospitals, clinics... either don’t have the test kits or can’t get the test kits. I guess if you can’t test for Coronavirus then you can’t know how many are infected.

Lightupmylife 5 Mar 25

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Welcome to the demented delusional insane world of trump and the obstructionist republican fascist!!!

They have dismantled and are still trying to destroy the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare, the have destroyed our International and National Pandemic Response groups!!!

When will these conservative’s and they die heart followers wake to the fact they are not immune to these types of health emergencies!!!

The Obstructionist republican fascist would rather murder the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, the poor, and the women by cut backs and defunding healthcare!!!


145 in Iowa 1400 tests 35 patients 12 recovered 1 dead over age 61 still in hospitals 23

30 of 99 counties have positive tests


Similar here in uk.Company that supplies test kits
have stated the goverment haven't even ordered
any extra kits even though they have thousands in stock

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