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Donald Trump Is Trying To Figure Out How Many Americans He Needs To Sacrifice To Keep The Economy Going


Dyl1983 7 Mar 25

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Well the FAA puts a value of $6M on a human life (average). The stock market is down maybe $12 trillion so that's 2 million lives - of course there's quite a few other things worth money not factored into the stock market. Home prices. Income no longer earned. Private companies not listed. Money that will be spent on medical treatment. $2T in bailouts. Etc. Etc.

So probably by his calculation if it costs 2 or 3 million lives it is still a bargain. Remember he doesn't care about we the people. The only reason he cares about "the economy" is to get him re-elected and still in power. It's all about #1 for him. And I'm not talking about golden showers either.


As messed up as this sounds, I’m quite sure it doesn’t even matter to him. He had no empathy and has offered little or no condolences for those who have died. He’s only concerned with how much this is affecting him not how others are dealing with this.

If he even knows what empathy is - because that's not a trait of sociopaths and psychopaths - I'm sure it's a thing he believes everyone should have for him stuck in the White House wallowing in his sad and stinky swamp of self pity.

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