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I know it's been quite some time since Ive posted much in general here, but since my move to MD, Ive had nothing to complain about, in fact everything is good now, except for the fact that where I now live is very busy and my cats are afraid to go outside with all the traffic and noise. They both like being outside when its nice out. I suppose I'll get them out when the weather is warmer and I spend more time outside !

joantheloon 6 Mar 25

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So what happened to people having to stay put. Here the traffic has really lessened.


Glad that you made a happy landing.


Glad you are in a good way


Hey, nothing wrong with posting when your happy! We all like to hear when people are feeling good and life is settled down. Glad to hear you made the right choice and the move is working out for you. Are you working during the quarantine? Still making the drive to Hershey? I guess with the price of gas going down, it makes the commute a lot cheaper.

Nope, I haven't worked since late October. I finally applied at Social Security for my late husbands benefits, widow benefits, and I'm getting better money than when I was working in Hershey !


It can't have been too long since you posted - I remember you.

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