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Why is it that when something like a pandemic hits. One that has been said to claim thousands of lives. That people like this, seem to deny reality. And return to a place. Where they put their very lives in jeopardy. And in doing so, put the lives of others at risk as well. The 1st church is a prime example. Of believing that their God, will protect them from illness or worse. One even saying that she " is covered in the blood of Christ". And therefore she'll be safe from harm. At least the second church mentioned. Is working somewhat proactively to protect their parishioners. My belief that the idea of a God is a falacy. But seriously, just how delusional does one have to be. To risk not only their lives. But the lives of others, just to sit and listen to someone preach to them for an hour or so. If this doesn't border on the idea of insanity. I'm not sure what does.


DaneintheUS 6 Aug 1

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Natural selection.


The principal trait of insanity is a marked incapacity to apprehend and comprehend reality. Fiction, myths, legends, hallucinations, superstitions then become truer than facts. It becomes believable that faith in god and divine powers will cure cancer and every imaginable disease. What is believed is automatically true instead of verifying what is true before believing. We are not here dealing with people " who border on the idea of insanity" They are very far from the border. They are submerged in the drowning depths of delusion. They are quite insane. Curiously enough, such madness is legitimised by the right to practice a religion of one's choice and, most often, that chosen by one's parents.


Cuz their god is a fantasy. People like to keep fantasies alive if it makes them feel good. I don't like people who leave church then cut you off on the highway in an attempt to send you to their maker.


Look none of this is about religion and never has been, it’s about culture, and the problem culture is based on resentments that go back to before the civil war. It’s about resenting the authority of expertise preferring authority for the sake of authority typically from an incompetent family of authoritarians that never contributed thing one to civilization.
Look at Trump, that’s why all the evangelicals are gay for him, they worship authority.
Fuck authority, I’ll only respect it if it’s competent.


Such people are incapable of rational thought.


Some people just are so indoctrinated that nothing helps, no words, no deaths, nothing to make them see what is going on. And if you get covid they will blame you because you are a non believer too.


At this point the only thing I can say is, I can't believe he disbanded a government oversight that prevent things like covid-19. But it looks like you guys were right. Donald Trump is completely responsible for this!


They are brainwashed ...they can deny it all they want but they are brainwashed .... some how we need to find a way to rinse their brains of such believes.

Ode_1 Level 4 Aug 1, 2020

Why? Because these people are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I would say they are morons.


I wasn't able to read the article, but it's not so strange if you think about it. Wouldn't an omnipotent, omniscient God who has a personal relationship with you be able (and willing) to protect you from a virus? There's a certain logic in it. TBH I'm amazed at religious people who do actually acknowledge reality, because by default they're kind of programmed not to.


The pandemic is so frightening that many people just check out mentally. They can't deal with their fear so they pretend it doesn't exist.


I consider it to be a mix of thoughtlessness, mental laziness, and lack of fortitude.


Its delusion mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance.


The last Pandemic was a century ago, so there’s little recent evidence beyond perhaps the death rituals associated with the victims of ebola to how ‘modern humans’ respond. This Pandemic is definitely a(nother) reality check on religion.

I suspect ‘religion’ is a place those go who feel powerless… A way of giving in to life events and realities they don’t accept, understand, or have the courage to face.. Recently, thanks to technology, education, science and the efforts of our best, our worst have remained relatively safe inside their make-believe cocoon of religion. Not no more..

Humanity's reckless behavior has caught up with it in the short term … if heading toward a permanent climate change that will irreparably damage life on the planet in the long term… Hiding inside their mind-myths is obviously not working; hopefully, religion/s will take a serious and sobering hit..

Varn Level 8 Aug 1, 2020

Years ago one of my aunts, who was in her seventies at the time, was at my parents' house for a short stop before heading off on a road trip. My mom said something like "be careful." My aunt's reply was something along the lines of not worrying about it because she knew Jesus was going to keep her safe.

Well, she didn't get killed on that trip; but, a few years later, she was killed in a car accident just a few miles from her home as she was heading into town to pick up a pizza. She had all but given up driving at that point, but had decided to make that short trip. I am sure sure "knew" that Jesus would keep her safe.

Sorry for your loss.


I say let them. It is their life. If they want to roll the dice, let them. Forced safety is tyranny.

We must not fall in to authoritarianism and totalitarianism by forcing safety on others. Because then, what is next? Mandatory helmets for everyone outside? Mandatory id cards? Mandatory identifiers, say like, a star of david?

If people really cared about safety, they would build a safer society by default. For example, why make a seatbelt law, while allowing car companies to produce cars that can run into each other and other things?

At one time it may have been necessary to legislate these things, but with todays technology it makes little sense.

Forcing others to wear masks and to not congregate is well intentioned tyranny. I know this is an unpopular view here, but it's simply true.

There is technology that can protect you. Giving legislators endless power will only increase suspicions pf their motives and cause push back on the other side which is already leading to violence.

SCal Level 7 Aug 1, 2020

Lacking “authoritarianism and totalitarianism,” systems that, for the moment, appear to be keeping their people alive, we, the free, battle it out among ourselves. With that, you’re wrong, and it remains my right to point that out. Sometimes, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

There seems to be an implicit idea that this will only affect those who act dangerously. If that was the case, I would be all for it. However, their decisions impact others who don't wish to take on the higher level of risk. If you can crack that nut, I'm all in. The only thing I have been able to think of would be a different restriction (limiting their mobility) that many of the same folks would find objectionable.

This argument is spurious at best. That line was crossed long ago when we all decided to wear clothing to keep other people comfortable. The precedent has already been set.

But if you remain steadfast in wanting to "protect" these kind of "freedoms", why not really make a statement ..... walk down main street nude!

See you in the papers!!

@Varn, @PadraicM



There are communities who disagree and who do not require clothing.

Most people wear clothing by choice, because if people decided to, they could live im places where clothing is optional.

Poor analogy.

@SCal No, the analogy holds. You can move to where masks are not required.


It's very dangerous thinking. People think they're immune because god will protect them are insane.


Ignorance, refusal to accept reality, and stubborn insistence that they have an imaginary friend who will protect them.
Oh, and a complete disregard for the well-being of anyone who isn't them.


Perhaps it's true that religion is just a way for people to deny reality? The unpleasant fact of a pandemic or a hurricane can be avoided through the self-delusion that a great, supernatural being will intervene...just for YOU...makes it all so much easier.

Don't forget the "mysterious ways" caveat if he/she/it doesn't intervene.

@PadraicM Of course...the ultimate ''pass'' to excuse lack of attention to desperate prayer and misery.

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