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So I go back into FB to contest my ban, this is my second time to be banned and request an explanation, and both times I fill out the proper request only to be told they can't process it at this time, and to try again later. WTF! Cowards!

Sticks48 9 Sep 16

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FB is probably pretty busy these days! I got banned from there once, for trolling the Trumpies. I also file lots of complaints against loudmouth Trumpies who threaten violence.


How do they even ban you when email addresses are two a penny? Do they insist on a phone number now?

Haven't had any dealings with them in almost a year now, no regrets. True friends just email me.

@MissKathleen well I guess there are ways around that. For $1 you can buy a phone number that can receive a text, there are probably cheaper or even free ways too.


I'd consider another social media site.

I will stay there for keeping track of local happenings and some people scattered around the country, but I will check out MEWE. Some folks I really connected with when I first joined this sight have left or participate more on a group they formed on FB, so I won't leave there, but I will try to avoid the political BS there, although what I said doesn't seem to be all that bad. I have gone after some folks hard on FB and nothing happens, so I don't get it. I have found even though I have been here for quite awhile and sometimes I get a little bored with it, I do like the smaller community more than FB.

@Sticks48 Save the political debates for elsewhere, at least.

My move was because of the ever stringent and nebulous nudity rules they began randomly enforcing about three years ago.

Their concepts of political correctness change daily without warning

It is THE social media site. But really there is zero need for it. Folks should just delete it and get back to email.

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