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Global Terrasophic Campaign Idea: Priests for philosophy! Humanity is hiring. It looks for quasi-volunteers, talented individuals with former theological studies (and similar), to re-specialize in philosophy, terrasophy, hortisophy etc. and culturally save the remaining, wonderful, difficult, finite Terrian days. The aim is to support better Truth, Justice, peaceful Unity and environmental Protectivity. When humans honestly realize the whole (and declining) TerraFamilyShip is their unique home/garden/temple=reunion place etc., they will protect It better, instead of abusively exploit It, hopefully. TerraReason, not illusion.Terraprotectivity before productivity. Decent Panarchy and Pangratuity, not toximafionazist vote and money. If “creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” (William Plomer), then ecosocial pacification, with protectivity before creativity, can also be the power/science to connect the seemingly unconnected (terrabeings). We need decent terrahuman activities. Nature before art. One TerraFamilyShip, one finite Time, one respectful Peace.

tipi 7 Apr 8

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Excuse my uneducated ignorance. What is The Global Terrasophic Campaign? What does Terrasophic mean?

It is a simple, composed word: terra=earth and sophy=wisdom, philosophy. We should create more words and protection for our TerraFamily.

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