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They look cute and cuddly, but the slightest thing can turn this beautiful creature into something so dangerous and violent that the toughest of men could be killed or maimed for life. Here you can see it cuddling a Bear... πŸ˜…

Ryo1 5 Apr 8

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Meant as a joke, sure...


Point 8. of the above report, recently released. 93% of homicide suspects are male.

I tire of this sexist’s been a long day of helping people. No killing or maiming for this dangerous animal!

Yes, meant as a joke, so...

@Ryo1 perhaps can rip out the heart of the strongest man would be more amusing for both sexes. The killing and maiming still tends to be you lot, this reminds us and so...the wording kinda ruins the surprise juxtaposition πŸ˜‰

@Ryo1 P.S.

@girlwithsmiles What the hell are you on about? You've certainly had a long day. Have a good rest.


That bear better watch where he's putting his paw at, lol.


She's braver than I am. That must be Papa Bear groping than young lady.

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