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On the path to the end of the rule of law in the US:

Awhile back, prior to January 6, in conversation with friends, and maybe here, I wrote that Trump was trying in broad daylight, to end the rule of law and take over the US Government. This was slightly shorthand - I don't think he actually thought that his January 6 ploy would work, in and of itself. I think it would be closer to describing things to say that he was trying to "lay the groundwork" for the end of the rule of law in the US, whether for himself or for someone else ultimately to take over.

This laying of groundwork continues. The Republicans have hit the ground running post-January 6. They have defended the indefensible during the impeachment and removal hearings, and have launched a full-blown attack both on truth and voting rights, throughout the US. This is a precursor to ending fair and above-board elections in the US (the integrity of those elections has been under attack, mostly from the right, for decades, but now this is really a whole additional level of attack by the Republicans).

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