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This can't be said enough

OldMetalHead 9 May 4

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When I read this, that movie Spotlight came to mind. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Based on true events. That year, Oscar got it right. Won a shit ton of awards.


What is worse is the indifference that the victims suffer from those who still "respect" and defend religion and belief, and will not hold these criminals accountable.

Indeed! Unwilling or unable to think for themselves, the sheeple continue to surrender their intellects to rabbis, imams, pastors and priests, as if these imposters and con artists were even necessary! Does any rational human being, when given the opportunity to ponder the question, think a supreme being would be incapable of communication without a middle man to act as a translator?

@p-nullifidian They surrender because most were indoctrinated by their parents when they were defenceless children, thus setting the stage for a lifelong addiction/dependency. So we should think of them as victims who have been conditioned to obey and submit to the hierarchy at every stage of their life. Oh, and the fear of Hell also plays a modest role in enforcing compliance. Well, okay, maybe more than that. A lot more than that, actually. Maybe to the point where it would register at the high end of the scale if somebody were to invent a Fear-of-Hell-ometer. Maybe. Yeah, just maybe...

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