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A silent drama of survival. A wonderful photo.

Ryo1 7 July 22

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No wonder bees are having problems. What TF is with the albino spider? Never saw a white spider before, not equipped for the real world standing out in white.

Hi there. It's a crab spider. They exist.

@Ryo1 Weird, in America? I know from first hand experience there are 3 widow spiders. One is black not as aggressive as its brown cousin who will chase you to bite or the gray ones not much is published about them. I spent 2 years taking my garage and patio back from them.

@K9Kohle789 Not sure why you assume that the photo was taken in America...

@Ryo1 Did you see the entire tiny sentence with a question mark at the end? LIke I don't fkn know where the spider was from I was asking a question duh.

Like you couldn't be bothered finding answers by yourself after giving the impression that you know a lot about spiders?
"I know from first hand experience there are 3 widow spiders." Lol

Don't give up your day job.

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