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Trans "women"


PBuck0145 7 Aug 3

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The committee that determines the rules for the Olympics has decided the rules concerning trans people in Olympic events so that should settle the issue.

I do know enough that I understand that being transgendered is more than just changing your pronouns and hairstyle. There are numerous steps that must be taken just leading up to starting the transition. It's not an overnight or spur of the moment whim.

The article seems to imply that Hubbard became transgender simply to win an Olympic event. That seems utterly ridiculous. The winners of most of these events never attain any fame beyond the brief spotlight they might receive during the Olympics they competed in.

This article comes across as rather hateful. The author obviously has a biased against trans people.


I think people are not directing their emotions at the right people here. The committee that set the rules is the only thing people should get mad at.
Another point I try to stress is that if people of one biological sex don't have an advantage over the other, then the sport shouldn't be segregated by sex. If people of one biological sex do have an advantage, maybe it would be fair if people could only compete with their biological sex. That seems pretty logical to me.
Or maybe we put too much importance on stupid fucking games while our planet heats up, drowns, and chokes on its own garbage... Just sayin'


As if trans-phobes would be just fine with trans people if trans-women just stayed out of womens sports.
I for one despise competitive... anything, really.
I have no interest in male or female sports, and never have, so why is it that every time someone explains to me how I'm not valid they bring up trans-women in womens sports?
They also tell me I'm some kind of sexual deviant, when I didn't decide to transition until almost 10 years after I had pretty much lost all interest in sex.
So there I was an asexual "male" that decided to transition into an asexual "female", why?
Maybe it was the wardrobe choices?
Seriously I always related to women, I understood them, except for their sexual attraction to men which I find weird, but everyone is different. I never understood nor was I ever comfortable with hanging out with men talking about fighting, fucking, and football. I served six years in the Navy surrounded by that kind of conversation, I just wanted to shoot myself.
None of you that are "concerned" about trans people in general really have any business challenging me or my choices since it doesn't concern you and I'm not asking for anything at all from you other than to leave me alone to live my harmless life. Apparently I ask too much.

I heard that most terrorist are cis men, you're a cis man, perhaps we should talk about your cis man predisposition for terrorism?

I support you 100%. I personally know and consider myself good friends of a transman and transwoman, excuse me if I did not say that right, I do not think that was. I know their names so I call them by their names. Both of these people are the kindest, most helpful, smart, and honest people I have the privilege to know. It makes me sick to think that someone is being harmed because they may be different than others. It is our differences that make us strong, give us wisdom, and make life bearable. I am glad to see your cartoon above, the finger is the appropriate signal of defiance. Thanks for being you and letting me know you.

@dalefvictor It's way more complicated than anyone knows. It seems I'm sort of doomed, apparently HRT is a bad thing for people with certain heart conditions, heart conditions I have. So there goes the estrogen and if I don't drop the T blockers I'll go into menopause which is bad for many other reasons.
Regardless I am myself as best I can be, whether I die as a male or female is of no consequences, I just hate the biological tug of war, there's nothing like experiencing puberty over and over again.

@Willow_Wisp I have no words to console you. I have no idea what I can say that would help, but to say that I am concerned and wish I could do something.

@dalefvictor It's ok, I've had since December to accept it. It was a long road, I just kind of have to turn back right at the end. It's no one's fault.

@Willow_Wisp One thing that I learned. One never knows what life will bring, as bad as it gets there is always something that if sparked will lead to something of interest. I have always been able to follow these sparks. Yes, I have considered suicide, figured that was an end and I was not ready, I just thought that something else could come. I was right, my whole life changed, all I had to do was change the people I was around, not that I left, I just found a way to add many contacts through getting out there and asking stupid questions. It helps if they are interesting and engaged in different things, the more the better.

@dalefvictor The tide comes in and the tide goes out. I almost successfully committed suicide in the 1980's in Alabama, but pure chance intervened. In 1993 I got married, in 1997 my oldest daughter was born, in 2001 my youngest daughter was born. My ex and my children all know I always resented being born male. So the greatest joy of my life wouldn't have happened if I had succeeded in 1983. That stays my hand now, also my ex keeps life insurance on me and I'm trying to not let them ever make another nickel on me, even in these times when a nickel isn't worth a dime.

@Willow_Wisp You made my day. Thanks.

Boom. I hear that.

valid and to the point. anyone should be able to be what they are or what they want to be without kibitzing from the peanut gallery


My favorite line from article-I'm not agreeing or disagreeing.

Surtees chose to describe Hubbard as a ‘reluctant history-maker’, positioning him as a victim of a transphobic media circus.

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