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Preparing grade school children for further indoctrination later in high school and college.


PBuck0145 7 Sep 14

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To the relevant commenters:

The knee-jerk dismissal of a post, based mainly or solely on the lack of a leftist imprimatur of the host site, flaunts inability or unwillingness to engage in independent rational thought.

Classical liberals are routinely censored by the MSM, and by the predominant social networks. These liberals therefore resort to using sites which eschew censorship. It is inevitable that such sites also attract posts by extremists. One needs to judge each post on its merits, rather by a partisan declaration of the plausibility of the post's host medium.

One needs to judge each post on its merits, rather by a partisan declaration of the plausibility of the post's host medium.


But remember, most people on social media are LAZY and want their opinions handed to them, not challenged and certainly not researched.

As such, it's easier to make a blanket "no rumble" declaration than risk (OhMyGoshy!) clicking a link (oh no!) that might take you to content you don't agree with (heaven forbid!).

IMO, this disdain ought be for our current social media population in toto, not just with specific political, national, scientific, or religious affiliation.


You think you are pointing out indoctrination, but you are the one who has been indoctrinated and brainwashed.


"Rumble" again....move on, nothing real here........




It sure doesn't sound like education. Teachers and Educational Administrators need to learn they are there to teach; they are not there to make Social judgement.

Actually doesn't sound like anything to me considering that this is not a teacher or a parent or a student making this comment but a third party with absolutely no ties to the teachers parents or students.

As a teacher, this anti-education anti-teacher sentiment is nothing new. It's just interesting that we have dropped all pretenses and now people vocally and publicly distinctly disdain diminish and denounce the profession for personal, political, or publicity reasons

Hi there. While I'm against introducing CRT to young children, especially those who are yet to develop critical thinking skills, I find it irritating that people like Lindsay propagate the "don't trust schools, don't trust teachers" narrative. Don't you have some sort of legislation in America that prevent indoctrination in schools? Over here in the UK, we have a law to prevent it. Also, teachers are expected to observe the importance of impartiality; that is in the job description, plus, all schools, both state-run and public/private, are inspected by independent bodies regularly.

@TheMiddleWay I really don't care what it sounds like to you. I've seen many of your previous remarks and I am saddened that you actually pretend to teach.

@Ryo1 Schools in America are a State, not Federal issue. As such ther are 50 different sets of rules.

I don't pretend to teach anymore; switched careers.
Now I pretend to treat cancer using ray guns and laser beams (i.e., radiation oncology).
But as it seems you want to make this personal between us, I'll pretend not to engage you any further. 😉

The annoying thing is that regardless if we are for or against CRT being taught in public schools... it's never BEEN taught in K-12 schools and, as a fringe graduate level legal theory, has NO PLACE being taught in K-12 school.

@TheMiddleWay Don't pretend, do it!

This is me pretending to not engage you the same way that I pretended to teach physics and I currently pretend to treat my patients.
Get it now? 😉

@TheMiddleWay You aren't funny, nor a great communicator. You are simply a self absorbed person.

Now you getting it!!! 😀

@TheMiddleWay You should realize that your greatest asset is your unsurpassed ability to be an annoying reprobate.

And my greatest liability is having people turn a conversation about what I think about a topic into a conversation about what they think about me. 😏

@Alienbeing And those rules allow teachers to brainwash children with extreme ideas? I know I'm showing my ignorance; I have no idea how the education system works in your country.

@Ryo1 Don't feel bad. I live here and I don't know the laws affecting education in all our 50 States. In fact I don't know all the laws affecting education in my own State and i am a retired lawyer.

Basically Boards of Education do whatever they want to do until they ar challenged. Since most laws and rules regarding education are never read, they have a broad latitude.

@Ryo1, @TheMiddleWay In a previous iteration you were a psychologist. In a reply above you said you were a teacher. Then you corrected that and said you are in oncology. I suspect what you are is a story teller.

I hope you find an occupation worthy of your undeserved opinion of yourself. In any event as I said previously i really don't care what you think.

@Alienbeing Well, I'm certainly intrigued. I'll do some homework. Thanks.

Like alien said, we have 50 different systems, each technically independent from each other with only the federal department of education providing any form of (predictably inefficient and/or ineffective) oversight.

But this system does means that in principle one state could allow CRT being taught and another 49 not.

But of what relevance is that if CRT it's not being taught, nor planned on being taught, in the first place?

@TheMiddleWay I believe that the UK government is currently not overly keen on including the teaching of CRT in the national curriculum. IMO, any theories and ideas, including political and religious beliefs, need to be examined from different angles so as to be understood properly, and CRT is no exception. It is important that one has critical thinking skills to study such theories and ideas. Otherwise, brainwashing will take place. Any professional educators who are critical-minded and who take the importance of impartiality would prevent it from happening. Are you one such professional teacher yourself? I would like to believe that there are many many teachers of the above description and that is why I get irritated by the "don't trust teachers" narrative propagated by those who don't know the first thing about education.


I was indoctrinated in grade school that our democracy is our special gift...that we have a balance between socialism and capitalism...brotherhood, that if we hate one group it will spread to other groups...and that we all have to do our part.

Our class had an esprit de corps and we all loved our teachers.

Boy, was I lucky!!!

But then FDR was president. It was a long time ago. When Wendell Wilkie lost his bid to be president, he vowed loyalty to FDR, offered his help and urged all his followers to support FDR.

Love was in the air around me in Brooklyn.


OAN says it all. People who follow this group are morons. Puleeeeze give us a break.


Followup, mostly for @PBuck0145 since very few other people watched the video

After only a few minutes, it's clear what is happening here. Just like CRT, they/he is taking one set of behaivours that exists in CRT... for example the issue of "white supremacy"... and then claiming that by teachers addressing "white supremacy" they are in fact teaching CRT when CRT is not being taught at all.

Here we have the same blatant and textbook STRAWMAN ARGUEMENT being used: therapists use Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to guide people towards resolving their issues. Journaling is one such technique that therapists use. So when teachers use that same technique to talk about peoples conceptions of themselves and others, it's elevated to GROUP THERAPY guided by an un-licenced practitioner with the inevitable conclusion: teachers are bad evil maxist people brainwashing our kids to follow leftist ideology.

IT doesn't matter that the full scope of SEL is not addressed... it doesn't matter that this is not done as "therapy" but "instruction".... nope... as long as any technique that SEL uses is being used in the classroom, then SEL is being taught or used by non-professionals in the class-room.

Another way that this tactic distinguishes itself is when the speaker admits (as in this video) that the teaching is "coded", "hidden"... that you won't see CRT or Social Emotional Learning being addresses directly but you have to squint and read between the lines to interpret how teachers are surreptitiously teaching students about CRT and SEL. In other words, you will NEVER find CRT or SEL literature, guidebooks, homework, references for students or in the teachers CV, past publications or writings...

... Nope, you won't see it anywhere... but it's there and it influences you and you must respect the recommendations of those that say it actually exists; sounds eerily similar to addressing what GOD wants you to do, does it not, which is likely why this tactic works so well on Right Leaning individuals who tend to skew religious

You appear to be the only commenter who is willing to address the actual subject. Thank you for that.

I get where people are coming from: rumble and OANN have terrible reputations for factual reporting.

But it's always good to know what the next right-wing boogy man will be so I'm willing to listen to the man (lindsey) while ignoring the medium (OANN, rumble)


This is one of the guys that hoaxed several gender studies journals with bogus articles, right?
If so, regardless of the SHITTY sources that are rumble and OANN, it's worth a listen.

So I'll listen: just 5 minutes after all.

Yes, Lindsay and his friends did this a couple of years ago.
The Grievance Studies Affair revealed


Bogus pseudo source. Pahhleeeze!


I don't know a damned thing about "rumble" but I do know a bit about OAN. It is One America Network and far right enough to not believe in climate change, genders, etc., etc. so they want you to think their repressive views are exactly what you believe in. Why would I click on it? They have their heads in the sand.


Yeah, ok...


Flaming pants load of bullshit.


I will counter with:
A. Bullshit.
B. Even if it were true, it wouldn't be half as bad as what churches do.
C. Go fuck yourself. No one else is up for the job.


OAN? I'm not even gonna click on it.


This is NOT appropriate material for the Academic (Science) group. If the source cited were a peer reviewed paper or study, perhaps it would belong here. But an article from OAN does not qualify as an academic publication.


Personally, I don't consider Lindsay to be remotely credible.
I also don't believe the assertions made in that clip.

me either


order and conformity is not always bad ...
this journaling and class discussion is bullshit
journaling is good
schools now don't have the money or the time to do all of this bullshit
they teach to specific state tests in texas iits star and that is all they teach

OAN is pure lies and propaganda

He's using OAN now? OAN makes FOX look like NPR.
That poster has little more than right wing screeds to flaunt and then hurling insults when challenged.


Quite the unbiased source you are using, hockey puck. You really need to play some stick ball in heavy traffic.

Denigrating the source medium is a lazy and invalid debate stratagem. Deal with the issue or EFFOFF.

@PBuck0145 pretty much what Christians say when they use the bible as a source. Why don't you find fact based, reliable sources? Most likely you can't. Opinion isn't science.

@Beowulfsfriend You are avoiding the issue. EFFOFF.

@PBuck0145 sources are important in today's world

@PBuck0145 Listen, having taught writing essays in college, you can have a great topic and still FAIL because you have shit for sources. So, stick your butt plug back up your ass, eh. So yeah, I'll fuck off and ignore your ignorance. You are a lost cause.

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