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Crazy guy kidnaps pizza at gun point.

Umbrella_Guard 7 Nov 24

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2 things:

One, that is NOT pizza. I don't know what Little Ceasars serves, but it is not pizza.

Second, lets see how the gun nuts try to defend this asshole, like with the Ritenhouse kid.

Azodicarbonamide gives you that spongy floor mat flavor that the crispy crunch of acrylamide is unable to bring.

These are the secret ingredients of most fast food companies.

It almost enough to make you want
to order a salad with a cup of tap water.

First, if you are talking about their regular pizza, I'll agree it's total garbage. If, however, you're taking about the DEEP DEEP DISH PIZZA, you're dead wrong. It's amazing. Order one with extra sauce and an extra topping so you know you're getting a fresh one and eat it with an open mind. I think it'll be the best $8 you ever spend.

As for the gun, if this doesn't convince people these guns are too easy for people to get their hands on... but it won't.

@JeffMurray "Deep dish pizza" isn't pizza, it's a casserole... just saying.

@Rignor And cheesecake is technically pie. Call it whatever you like (even though I don't believe casseroles have a crust or are ever hand-held), just try it, please.

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