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I get the feeling, increasingly, that Christianity, especially evangelical, is a death cult. Denial of global warming; support of Israel, so Armageddon can happen and all the Jews will burn in hell and all the Christians will go to heaven. Support for political figures who are advocating destructive and suicidal policies for the human race and our country.
And then there’s that symbol; Jesus on the cross and all. I think they’ve convinced themselves that they are going to heaven, and they can’t wait!

augimmun 5 Nov 24

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Christianity has always been a death cult -- a Bronze Age messianic, apocalyptic, dead and rising God death cult. Evangelical Christianity is merely a loop back to this religion's fundamental regressive themes, combining with reactionary conservatism, in contrast with and in reaction to the attempt in the 20th Century to project this religion in more populist ways, the peace and love type of Christianity which no one who really knew this religion really believed. Also, evangelical Christianity is much more a reactionary political ideology than it is a religion. It hides behind religion as its camouflage for its regressive political and social agenda.

Religion provides the means to justify, the things like ultra conservatism, which you can not justify by logic and evidence. That is the main reason for it appeal.


All religions are cults.
The big ones are usually death cults.
Christianity and Islam come immediately to mind.


Exactly! Send us on to glory, so we can become angels and live forever...singing hymns, plucking harps and praising GAWD. (Sounds like so much fun, doesn't it?)

Sounds a little too much like my conception of hell.....if it existed.....

@TomMcGiverin Ever read "Letters From the Earth?" Mark Twain wrote angel goes to earth and writes back to his god in letters of amazement. He talks about how humans imagine their ''heaven'' to be filled with activities they'd NEVER enjoy in life! (It's a fun read....)

@LucyLoohoo It does sound amusing....

@LucyLoohoo Just finished reading it.

@LucyLoohoo I loved that book. I need to find it again.


You're not wrong.


It was originally a doomsday cult. Jesus was shortly returning and the world was going to end with the faithful being saved then the Romans got involved

I wonder where christianity would be today if the Romans hadn't gotten involved?

@linxminx who knows


The love Christians talk about so much is, looking at their behavior, just so much hypocrisy. One might expect that Christians would be aware of their own beliefs and act accordingly: that would be rarely or never.

The cursing of the fig tree being a prime example. Here, God, or the Son of God, curses a fig tree to death for not providing fruit ( even though it isn't the season). Taken literally, Jesus is destructive in response to his disappointment; hardly anything like a good example. Taken as allegory, Jesus's curse signifies God's disappointment in the Jews, and their curse is to lose God's favor which is transfered to the Gentiles. That's an ugly message to be interpreted out of a few verses. That is just a sample of the hate that permeates Christianity and Christians.

And yet God's disappointment with the Jews is supposed to be based on their corruption in the world and the greed of gain. Yet all we see now is the Gospel of Prosperity (and hatred of women, non-whites, LBGT, science, etc). That, and the glaring absence of real moral principles.

I saw this play out with my twin when our mom was dying. My twin is a "Christian" but I saw a nasty mean streak in her that was just disgusting. I had realized years earlier she tended to blame others (especailly me) for their behavior that effected her life in a negative way. For example she believed if I had just behaved better mom would not have been so angry or sad. Yes, dysfunctional family shit. Anyway I moved 3,000 miles away when I was 20 but she stayed near where we were born and had a lot of interaction with our family. The fact she loathed our mom certainly played a role in how she treated mom but damn it was really sad to see this "Christian" so not getting the "what would Jesus do" part of their belief system. Mom and I had settled our issues and I was able to offer some help so she could stay in her house and not go to a care facility to die.
Yeah, she's a huge gop supporter and thinks the election was rigged for Biden to win.


A lot of my biological family are Mormon and they routinely invoke 'these latter days' when they pray.

They literally pray for the end of the world(universe). Ugh.🙁


To be exact, it's more of a "dominance for us & death for others" cult.
Dominance for other Christians... Via white supremacist narratives and norms... And death for everyone else.

domos Level 7 Nov 25, 2021

That's what they are:

@Storm1752 In my opinion, I think Christian nationalism has officially morphed into its own religion.

It is definitely a mix of ethnic/racial and theocratic supremacist beliefs.

I am starting to suspect one of the reasons why social conservatives have been so aggressive and strategic and weakening separation of church and state is that those would have been the most effective tools and laws to prevent their current rise of power.

I do think we should give serious consideration to treating white supremacy as a religion that must be separated from all economic, state, and publicly accountable operations/functions.


Given there are 44,000 or so sects of Christianity, there are obvious cult-ish aspects. As for evangelicals? They're just Trumpists, so we can just lump them into the Batshit Crazy Trumpist category. Shuffle the numbers around a bit. 😜


The whole religious thing was always way too weird for me.


The basic illogic of believing in a god who created the universe, yet thinking that god will be pleased, if you despise that creation and claim not to want it.


Roughly 5 billion years from now, the Sun will exhaust the hydrogen fuel in its core and start burning helium, forcing its transition into a red giant star. During this shift, its atmosphere will expand out to somewhere around 1 astronomical unit — the current average Earth-Sun distance. This means the Sun will gradually engulf Mercury, Venus, and likely Earth.

Word Level 8 Nov 24, 2021

And, fortunately for all of us, we will be dead long before that......


It is a death cult, but I don't think that people can't wait to get to heaven. My ex and I had a friend in Cali who often said he "couldn't wait to get to heaven." One night, he came to our house white and visibly shaken as he had nearly driven his car off the bluff into the ocean due to fog or an animal running across the road (not sure of the cause). I said to him something along the lines of "Hey, you should have gone--you would have gotten to heaven earlier." I never heard him express "I can't wait" again.

There is an old song that states, "Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. " I think that sums it up.

And Reagan's Sec. of the Interior (I think that was his title), James Watt, said there was no reason to put redwoods in parks to save them because the rapture was coming soon. THAT is the dangerous attitude. And I don't know how long "soon" is as that was in the '80s.


It's mass psychosis. And it's intentional.


It's all make-believe.


Absolutely true.


That is what they believe.


Don’t forget that dinosaurs didn’t exist.🙄


Unfortunately it is, corrupt preachers


They are convinced but not so on the can't wait idea. Also, evangelicals are big on cross ideas but not a cross with Jesus on it. They show an empty cross instead. Is it a death cult? What else would you call a belief system that claims your time on earth is just training for your position in eternity. The real deal is to surround god and sing his praises forever and ever. The ego of this god is forever stroked and you bow before him because he allowed you to be a part of all this.

Over the years people who have anger towards me at this idea always claim "there must be something else to do in heaven." Ideas of this place are not very clear and it is described as having walls around it. I'm told this is symbolic but what it if is literal. I don't think I want to go. I'm equally convinced that American support for Israel is based on American Christian beliefs. I'm sure the Israelis appreciate the support but do not share in our religious ideals.


Sure. The final result is extinction.
Total death, total destruction.

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