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Not many posts last night. I guess everyone went to church.

ChurchLess 7 Nov 25

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Church? Hell no! I never turn down an invitation for Thanksgiving Dinner, and that's where I was.


Maybe if scarlet Johansson asked me

Zster Level 8 Nov 25, 2021



I was stuffing my Thanksgiving Baby..


Resting for tomorrow


I went w/RE agent to check out a house and if I looked up a nice mountain there were 3 humongous crosses and some sign about Jesus loves you. i asked the agent if there was a bunch of vampires in the area. Why the hell do churches get the best land and pay no taxes? That was on top of a cleared space on a mountain with lots of views. Does god like them better?


I went to work , was a busy night 😳🦇

I bartended for 40 years. That was the busiest night of the year.

@barjoe oh wow ! Your eyes must have seen a lot ! I bet u know humans better than any doctor who has been around for a decade . Truly know humans 🙌

@Pralina1 When I quit drinking I realized how annoying drunks are. That and the pandemic made me aware that I didn't want to do it anymore.


Sometimes two or three days go by on this site, when it seems like not much is being posted and most of that is dull and old banal stuff. Then suddenly, if you stick with it, you get a day when there seems to be more treasures than you can hope to even read, let alone comment on and respond to.


Thanksgiving Eve

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