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Just released yet another sacrilegious video. Check it out. Like and subscribe to support the Antichristian movement.

By The_Antichrist6
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Sorry, bro. I couldn't get past your intro. Maybe I need a drink, or maybe I'm too old, but just seemed like an annoying waste of time. Sorry, do not mean you are, just that intro.

Yeah, it's much better when you're drunk.
I'll work on it. Thanks for the feedback.


Yeah, I would probably shorten that intro. For myself, I would be interested in a broader perspective than anti-Christian. Mocking the Bible is pretty passe for me. That said you are photogenic and cute besides, and I was with you on the talking ass demo at the beginning. Nice makeup too. maybe add a little color to give you a special perky look

btroje Level 9 Apr 23, 2018

Thanks for the feedback. I kinda felt that the intro was a bit lengthy. Will have to shorten future intros.
I'm working my way up to a broader perspective. Just starting with what I know best and what is still the number one world religion.
What color do you suggest and where should I apply it?

@The_Antichrist I am not sure what your goal is with your makeup and I don't want to go against that. I think a dark purple eyeshadow or if that doesn't work for you sharpen the black at the corners of your eyes.That might amp up your antichristiosity

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