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LINK Do You Hate God? | The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser

I had to share this because I’ve seen this topic broached here before. Religious people can’t get it through their noggins that we don’t BELIEVE in God, to hate him.

I love this blogger btw. He was a fire-and-brimstone preacher most of his life (his life story is very interesting) and became an atheist in his 50s, which shows us that there’s always hope. And since he’s an ex-preacher, he’s dangerous, because he knows what he’s talking about.

My hatred is reserved for certain aspects of some religions. Since I live in the United States, my experience has primarily been with the Christian religion, especially the Evangelical form of Christianity. While I think the essence of Christianity can provide value and substance for some people — even in our modern, scientific world — I am convinced that twenty-first-century Christianity is so far afield from its original intent that it has ceased to be Christianity at all. How does the Christianity of today, in any of its various forms, remotely resemble the teachings and faith of Jesus, the poor, itinerant do-gooder of first-century Palestine.

To be fair there are some churches that do manage to justify their existence, doing good for a lot of people, but unfortunately that brand of Christianity is not prevalent in the American political sphere at this time. Seems to me that when any religious group is the majority, in any country, it’s the WORST version of that religion that is represented in the government overall.

By altschmerz8
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It's not god I dislike. It's the concept of god(s) that I despise. Huge difference.

As for churches justifying their existence I would disagree. You do not need churches or religion to do good.

Gawd Level 5 Oct 8, 2019

You definitely don’t. The one advantage of church is, it’s a community. Without it you have to find a different one.

@altschmerz Exactly. And there are many better substitutes for a community than churches.


How can one hate something that does not exist?


God is irrelevant, it is god experts that I hate

Reminds me of this bumper sticker


It's kinda backward that religious people are not only still being told that irreligious people hate god in 2019, but they also BELIEVE it when they hear it, or feel the need to pass on the nonsense.

Can people really be this devoid of sensibility?

DZhukovin Level 7 Sep 30, 2019

When you’ve been brainwashed from birth, well, it’s a lot to overcome.


Exactly. Wash my butt and ears, Mommy. Not my brain. Bad Mommy. You so bad, Mommy.


What I hate is the proselytizing! The rest is just stupid. A sign seen on a church lawn, in the outskirts of Mobile, Al. a year, or two ago: "If you are reading this sign we are praying for you." Screw off! That's what I hate.

BirdMan1 Level 6 Sep 30, 2019

That makes me roll my eyes pretty hard. And there's a church at every corner in some areas!


Being human, one can hate anything, even an unreal thing. We are weird, aren't we? No matter, we are what we are by chances and coincidences and occurrences. Thus we are natural. Anyway, it isn't logical or healthy to hate something that you don't believe in. Only angry believers can hate their god. Or other believers can hate other believers' and their gods.

Kind of like people who hate Allah, eh. (Except Allah is the Arabic word for God, and Christians use it too, lol)

By coincidence, this is the first time I've noted your presence here, being relatively new. the coincidence is that I am in the midst of reading "Beowulf.!"

@BirdMan1 enjoy. One of my favorites.

@BirdMan1 I like Seamus Healy's translation of Beowulf. It is newish, early 90's. There are many. Once you've conquered the story, try Grendel by John Gardener for a new twist - told from Grendel's POV.

@Beowulfsfriend I finished J.R.R.Tolkien's translation today. I expect that I will, indeed, seek out Healy's version, as well as Gardener's version. Tolkien wrote a story, of his own, "...suggesting what might have been the form an style an Old English folktale of Beowulf." Tolkien finished his translation in 1926, and his son edited the work and the book.
Tolkien also wrote two songs, or lays, of Beowulf, that are quite charming, if a bit gory, included at the end of the book.


If something is by some definition "God," it most certainly isn't any God of which I am aware!
THAT God would not be hate-worthy.
The Abrahamic gods are, however, loathsome cariactures, not in any way connected to reality.
Since I'm an "agnostic Neo-Deist," however, unlike my atheist loudmouth co-respondents, I have no idea what "reality" might be.

Storm1752 Level 7 Sep 30, 2019

Well, nobody knows, with any certainty, really, what "reality" is, if we're honest about it.

I am an atheist because I do not believe any gods exist. I don't claim to have all of the knowledge of the universe.

@altschmerz Except for natural law, which is uniformly constant.
Every quark, every molecule, every animal--including man--follows it. No exceptions.

@altschmerz, @Joanne Neither do I.
But you DO claim to "know" there is no god by any definition, which is a LOT to know!

@Storm1752 as this blogger has said in the past, I believe there is no god because there's no evidence of one. No evidence that there isn't one but no evidence that there is one either.


Why waste hate on something that doesn't exist?

RiverRick Level 7 Sep 30, 2019

I often tell theists I hate their conceptions of god(s) they put forth, in addition to the certainty they claim.


Kind of hard to hate something that doesn’t exist.

Trajan61 Level 8 Sep 29, 2019

WE know s/he doesn’t exist ...


I simply say that "I can't hate a deity, the same way I can't hate santa, the tooth fairy, or any other made-up story".

Kirahere Level 6 Sep 29, 2019

The religious professional cannot admit that Atheists simply do not believe, the concept is dangerous to them, they must maintain the illusion to their "Flock" that their is not a possibility of their NOT being a a god and therefore the atheist is in denial, is a liar and KNOWS the "truth" but ignores or denies it out of hate, or evil intent, or is like some celestial James Bond out to practice espionage on the divine plan of god and send everyone to Hell.

Very well put. Merely acknowledging that the atheist position is valid opens the door to the possibility that god is a lie. They burned us when they could.


Very strange idea to hate something that does not exist.

Jacar Level 8 Sep 29, 2019

I agree with this man's words as I read them but I do not give the god concept enough consideration to be able to hate an invisible imaginary being. This guy needs to do an honest study for himself of how we got the bible. I did and I'm a preacher no more. Bible study is good for making you atheist. I cannot hate imaginary beings. Well, maybe Zeus. smile001.gif

DenoPenno Level 8 Sep 29, 2019

I could get on board with Zeus. The guy was horny AF.


Politics has no god. No matter the faith or lack of faith, Politics persists and makes use of anything human lying around.

Politics has gotten a lot of mileage out of religion, that’s for sure.

@altschmerz I would think that politics precedes religion, other than individual "transcendent" experiences, The socialization of those individual senses, through politics would seem the creator of organized religion.

No atheist in high office, very little Godlike action neither, plenty of good hypocritics.


i can't see hating something that doesnt exist, dislike the concept of a god or gods yes, hate, naw, just can't hate it cuz like i said, doesn't exist.


I think it's accurate that you can hate the concept even if god doesn't literally exist. Consider racism... racism doesn't literally exist in the way you and I and apples exist. I can't hold it. I can't point to one thing and say "that's racism" and point to another and say "that's not. I can't measure it. Etc. It's not a thing, it's a concept. And when you hate racism you hate the concept, the consequence, the fact that people act that way. I think it's the same when some people say they hate god. Even thoough for them it doesn't exist... they can't point to it, can't measure it, etc... they are saying they hate the concept of god and all the consequences of it.

Yes, it’s the consequences I hate – such as, people who are suffering, and ask, does God hate me or something? I can’t think up an answer that isn’t extraordinarily callous, and in their rush to defend the concept of God, people can be pretty cruel about that. That’s just one example.


Thanks for the link.

While I don't 'hate' 'God' (there are very few things I 'hate' ), I do dislike it intensely.

Think of all the waste that would be eliminated If the imaginary entity were to vanish from people's minds.
Maybe folks would devote themselves to doing genuine-good works rather than posturing to sort-of-good works. Maybe some people would anyway.

RichCC Level 7 Sep 29, 2019

Beautiful dragons
A dragon was my first major sculpture in sand. Made a living from sandsculpture for 45 years. A dragon is an image for me for imagination, if there is anything Godlike, it is imagination.


That always cracks me up, how they think we hate something that does not even exist. That is like saying I hate fire-breathing dragons (of course dragons are cool as fuck).

<img src="[]; alt="No photo description available."/>

If dragons existed, I’d love them – from a distance.

Being a white man, maybe I would ride on that dragon.

@altschmerz, @Castlepaloma <img src="[]; alt="No photo description available."/>

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