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LINK Atheists sneaking into churches and putting googly eyes on all the Christs.

Ok which one of you non believers are putting googly eyes on Jesus art???

K9Kohle789 7 Oct 10

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I'm SO disappointed that this is only satire.
But, it does give me an idea...



I've never been more proud of something so silly. πŸ‘


Damn it i wish I'd thought of that


How do they know its atheists. It seems to me that they are making a huge assumption.

well cuz the religious probably wouldn't do it for fear of gods retribution?

It's satire πŸ™‚.

It is. I did it.

The β€œimage”’of Mohamed didn’t get you?


Although a harmless prank, several Christians are calling for the heads of those who performed the act. "You are supposed to be a servant of Jesus, ready to do his bidding and make yourself his slave. You can't have fun with the lord."

Sounds like an atheist "Hold my beer..." moment. We clearly have a superior sense of humor.

Poor things, I bet they’re embarrassed about farting too πŸ˜‚

@girlwithsmiles I'm to the age where I'm proud of mine.


Well it wasn't me but I did the quick math at $7 for the 286 and it comes out to just under six cents to do a pair of eyes on your average gezus. And that package would give you an opportunity at 143 disfigurements remember use a non-evasive adhesive. πŸ˜…

Non-evasive adhesive? Like Gorilla Glue?

@ponderingatheist yeah nail guns too noisy

And if you only did one eye, it would be three cents per Jezzus.


I love it, I love it. I almost am braking out in song, that is if I could sing.


They will go straight to hell, mark my words.


Googly eyes cost money, so no I didn’t.
If googly eyes were free I would.


I didn't do it. But I'd do it.




i cannot tell a lie, it was me dammit!


Funny site. lots of good ones.


Hilarious! I love it. Thanks for the belly laugh.


Love it, great job.


Good satire. I particularly like the bit about going to the mosques and putting googly eyes on the "images of Muhammed." It would be just the googly eyes.πŸ‘€




I don't believe this is a real news story. This is made up. I can see it being done to a picture of Jesus, maybe. The article also stated that it was also done to pictures of Mohammed in several mosques. Anyone who knows anything about the Islamic religion would know that it is forbidden to have any pictures or statues or anything that depicts a portrait or likeness of Mohammed. Whoever wrote this article made it up. Religious right trying to paint a negative description of atheists by making up this fake news. Or it could be satire.

It's prophecy.

Ok I just went back on the site it's satire.


Holy shit lol amazing


That's too funny. But I'm afraid it's a waste of creative genius.

godef Level 7 Oct 13, 2020

They should be inventing time travel!!


Probably some kid dragged there by his/her parents. I had to do a teaching round at a catholic school. (I went up to the head of department pointed out I was atheist and could not in any way support their cult, shit the school was lead by a nun, but he refused to change my placement and said I had to learn to work with people I don't agree with. These days I would go to the discrimination board and ask for their support) the jokes those kids told that ragged on god and jesus were a riot I still love

On the 4th day God said let the seas be still.
And the surfers beat him up.


what will they think of next lol ,most likely did it themselves to start controversary but it is a good chuckle and we all need those


I approve.

BDair Level 7 Oct 12, 2020

Not sure why, but reminds me of a scene from Dead Poets Society. "Phone call from God... Now if it had been collect, it would have been daring!"


These people have a funny bone,
Vandalism to the rescue

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