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Interest in Englewood Atheist Community

Anyone out there insterested in joining an atheist community in Littleton/Englewood CO?


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Cinder 3 Oct 30

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This Californian will be there in spirit!


I'm really bewildered as to why anyone who does not live in the area would bother to reply with that info and feel the need to tell me that this a far reaching platform. I have never felt the need to tell someone in New York that they are SOL because I happen to live in Colorado. Should have added "those not in CO need not apply"

I think the reason is, that this has always been a friendly site, but it has one or two elements, especially the dating feature, which do not work especially well. It has therefore become the custom, to try and inoculate new members against disappointment.


Would like to, but in New England....


We should all start our own political movement!!

We have growing numbers. We’re level headed. We know what’s happening in the world. Most of us are politically active. And we also have this site. With a little thought and planning we can let everyone know we’re a force to be reckoned with!!


Welcome! Sorry I don't own a car. I live in Phoenix AZ.


I am wondering about the definition of community.

A of people that meet and participate in discussion. This one just has the secondary layer of geographical limitations.


Too far away for me. I live in Tennessee.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

The commute from Georgia is too prohibitive for me to say "yes".
Good luck though.


I'm trapped in an area of Missouri where people are afraid of god.


Sorry, I am trapped in california


I think there's a group here called Colorado Atheists. You may want to check it out.

I'm trying to create one closer to home; the Denver org is close enough to work for me if all else fails. I just know there are atheists hiding in the woodwork


Hello and welcome. It sound like an interesting project, but this is an international site, so most members live at vast distances.

Very obviously, but that does not mean that they cannot see the explicit area that I included in the post. If you don't live here, why reply with that irrelevant information?


I little out of my area


I live to far away!

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