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A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry. I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone. I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all ...
By Foxonaut 5 181 comments IN Dec 8, 2017
climate change
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By coralisthree 8 15 comments MN Oct 17, 2018
I was chatting with a buddy of mine in Florida and he felt that Fundies weren't concerned about climate change because they believed that Jesus would be coming back very soon and fix everything as foretold in their book of lies. This would lead to ...
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By Surfpirate 8 16 comments Canada Jan 29
This reminds me of the waste of time it is to argue in those that don't believe in climate change. SamHarris Logic Science ClimateChange
By lotusflower 5 8 comments Canada June 10, 2018
As predicted, after 2 years of stupidity in strategic economic measures, the shit has started to hit the fan for Trump, and unfortunately for all of us (although the silver lining is this will be the beginning of the end for the POS-POTUS). GM ...
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By Mofo1953 7 11 comments FL Nov 27, 2018
consequences of climate change
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By coralisthree 8 8 comments MN Oct 19, 2018
I don’t think we should leave addressing climate change up to the people crossing their fingers for the Rapture.
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By JazznBlues 7 11 comments MN Dec 29, 2018
Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement and the states affected most by hurricanes are led by climate change deniers. The people who voted them in are the ones who will suffer most. I hope what most of the rest of the world is trying to do to...
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By webspider555 7 7 comments UK Oct 12, 2018
I didn't get stood up for my second coffee date. He was actually a real person and not a scammer! We talked for an hour over coffee and then went for a walk. It was cold and icy, but OK. We had a nice talk. He believes that climate change might not ...
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By Stephanie99 7 7 comments NY Feb 22
Why is it that we can see and comprehend this Disaster a fronting us? While trump's dead brain followers do not! DONALD TRUMP'S CLIMATE CHANGE TWEET LAMBASTED BY SCIENTISTS: 'HE is A DANGEROUS CLOWN' "Scientists have called out President ...
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By of-the-mountain 8 9 comments TX Nov 24, 2018
The TRUTH about climate change!
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By TheGreatShadow 8 6 comments NE Nov 26, 2018
What is the greatest challenge that civilization faces?
By Marine 8 50 comments CT Aug 10, 2018
We released a new tag feature for all posts today and wanted to explain it a little. Tags are just 1-3 word keywords (e.g., love, ClimateChange ) that help and find categorize topics. When you submit a post, we automatically look for words and ...
By Admin 8 16 comments Online Dec 19, 2017
Trump doesn't believe in climate change, unless it affects him. []
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By Closeted 8 7 comments IL Nov 26, 2018
LINK Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature' | Environment | The Guardian
By zblaze 7 12 comments OR Feb 18
LINK The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change | HuffPost
By tnorman1236 8 11 comments WV Mar 15
I am taking it for granted that all you fine people on this site are intelligent. I Highly recommend "Decoding the Weather Machine" on PBS. ANY questions you might of had about the effect Climate Change is and will have on us and this planet will be ...
By Maggiemay 6 13 comments OR Apr 18, 2018
We are hoping to get a tag editor working for posts so you can add new tags as well as vote up/down tags on other posts. The goal is to better identify similar posts (e.g., “how to handle saying ‘grace’ when visiting religious friends”). ...
By Admin 8 5 comments Online Dec 3, 2017
LINK For All Life As We Know It: The Case for Humanist Environmentalism -
By zblaze 7 8 comments OR Oct 5, 2018
Top 10 climate change myths (find the answer to your favorite)... Youtube
By phxbillcee 9 5 comments AZ Apr 14, 2018
We are going to die out, you know that don't you? Climate change is not real? Even when concentrations of carbon dioxide level off, the impacts of climate change will extend centuries into the future. The planet has already warmed 1.8°F ...
By Rugglesby 8 13 comments Australia May 2, 2018
Even if all humans turned into peaceful, rational humanists like Steven Pinker or Hans Rosling, our greatest problems, those that threaten humanity's survival, like climate change, pollution, soil degradation, toxic waste, loss of biodiversity, ...
By Matias 7 29 comments Germany Oct 27, 2018
After dropping out of high school and going in the Marines on my seventeenth birthday, I later realized how sorely lacking in education I was. After that I embarked on a lifetime of learning, completing two years of academic courses, getting a two ...
By FreeDave 6 10 comments WA May 5, 2018
LINK Scientists In Alaska Find Mammoth Amounts Of Carbon In The Warming Permafrost : Goats and Soda : NPR
By Dougy 7 8 comments WV Apr 30, 2018
After we have calculated all of the nationally determined commitments (NDCs) in the Paris Agreement, we are still left with a gap of 10 to 35 gigatons of CO2, [the latter of] which is about the global emissions in 2017. So again, we should not be ...
By Rugglesby 8 13 comments Australia June 3, 2018
LINK Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week - The Washington Post
By poetdi56 7 13 comments FL July 12, 2018
Why is the topic of over-population never discussed when considering climate change, sustainability, Earth’s shrinking capacity to support so many humans? Personally I think humans have become an infestation on our planet to the detriment of other...
By thinkingsooner 6 15 comments OK June 9, 2018
Why do so many Americans not believe in vaccines, climate changes or evolution?
By EmeraldJewel 7 24 comments OK Jan 14, 2018
Have you ever met people that didn’t believe in Climate change ?
By EmeraldJewel 7 15 comments OK June 8, 2018
I know there is some debate about the existence of climate change, however, here in little NZ the weather has lost the plot. Mother nature has menopause and is seriously slapping us. Over the last 24 hrs we have had heat waves, flooding, cyclones and...
By Fluffykytten 5 18 comments New Zealand Feb 1, 2018
Climate Change science vs the current Republican government. ....(sigh) []
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By MikeInBatonRouge 7 6 comments LA Nov 25, 2018
11,000 years ago, our ancestors survived abrupt climate change - CNN
By Aralt 7 11 comments NY Mar 26, 2018
I went on date 2. We played pool. I haven't played in 30 years and I had to play with my non dominant arm due to an injury to my elbow, but it was fun anyways. I relearned to some extent. I used my dominant arm for a couple of shots and my elbow ...
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By Stephanie99 7 21 comments NY Mar 1
Climate Change Killed the Aliens, and It Will Probably Kill Us []
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By Heraclitus 7 8 comments NC Sep 26, 2018
Christisn Satire - Citing Freezing Weather Conditions, Al Gore Cancels Global Warming Speech
By BackToReality 6 4 comments IN Jan 18, 2018
Garret's Thermodynamics of Civilization vs McPherson's Near Term Human Extinction
By Greymattersuit 4 13 comments KS Apr 12, 2018
New climate change report issues stark warning - CNN Youtube
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By phxbillcee 9 5 comments AZ Oct 8, 2018
Republican Lisa Murkowski says it’s time for her party to take climate change seriously. | Grist
By Akfishlady 8 7 comments WA Feb 16, 2018
LINK Climate Change Is Likely Killing Ancient Baobab Trees - The Atlantic
By SACatWalker 8 4 comments CA June 18, 2018
LINK Dear Elon, (Jon Talton)
By JackPedigo 8 5 comments WA June 7, 2018
LINK Climate change: local efforts won't be enough to undo Trump's inaction, study says | Environment | The Guardian
By zblaze 7 11 comments OR Sep 5, 2018
when i look at all the ppl here who believe every word from the global warming, now climate change, alarmists without ever questioning the source i have great difficulty discerning any real difference between them & the religious nut cases.
By callmedubious 7 27 comments Canada Mar 23
Climate change
By Sadoi 7 14 comments MI Jan 13, 2018
LINK The US military funded a study on climate change, and got unnerving results
By zblaze 7 10 comments OR May 3, 2018
The Link Between Climate Change and 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria []
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By phxbillcee 9 5 comments AZ Aug 6, 2018
LINK Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy - YouTube
By paul1967 8 5 comments CA Nov 28, 2018
Climate change deniers...this is the final straw!
By MsOliver 7 6 comments AR Nov 27, 2017
America Science Illiterate :(
By Gary4234 5 11 comments MD Dec 17, 2017
Are you Opimistic about the future of the Human Race?
By Hitchens 8 38 comments Ireland Aug 10, 2018
Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most widely cited comparison of the guts of chimps, humans, gorillas and orangutans has sample sizes of one individual for ...
By AnandaKhan 6 6 comments IN July 9, 2018
Facepalm Just got through arguing with a climate change denier. "It's snowing in Texas, therefore no climate change." I had to count to 10 multiple times during this little "discussion." Just had to vent.
By SteveB 7 4 comments IA Dec 10, 2017
LINK World hunger again on the rise, driven by conflict and climate change, new UN report says
By zblaze 7 6 comments OR June 7, 2018
I made a HUGE vat of my notoriously not fat free, not vegetarian everything potato soup today! It's comfort food and it's COLD outside, so don't judge me. My kid is sitting on the sofa playing video games, and he looks 5 months pregnant with his ...
By MsOliver 7 15 comments AR Jan 17, 2018
Climate Change Believers Leaving the Trump White House | Time
By zblaze 7 6 comments OR Mar 22, 2018
LINK Saying Goodbye to Planet Earth
By SkotlandSkye 8 8 comments OK Aug 21, 2018
Are religious people afraid of science because god lives in the gaps? The more we know about reality, the less room there are for mysteries. Does that make religion feel cornered? Just asking because I see a lot of lashing out against evolution and ...
By Mr_Dj 5 8 comments MO Nov 15, 2017
Is religious belief weird? And do people have religious beliefs because the beliefs are emotionally satisfying despite the fact that the religious belief is inconsistent with the persons other beliefs? See the great article in Psychology Today ...
By AwarenessNow 7 12 comments CO June 29, 2018
Anti-intellectual movements make me rage!
By RamonB 4 15 comments AZ Apr 27, 2018
What's the worst epidemic of our time?
By Supercali 6 47 comments WI June 8, 2018
Is it cruel to have kids in the era of climate change? [] I'll admit when my brother told me they were having a baby, climate change is the first thing I thought of.
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By Closeted 8 4 comments IL Feb 26
LINK Theocratic Mercenary Erik Prince and the Christian Right -
By zblaze 7 4 comments OR July 31, 2018
Not sure where to put this topic... I was thinking last night about one of the MOST dangerous agendas ''fundie'' religious groups's the total denial of climate change/responsibility for healing the terrible destruction we've inflicted ...
By LucyLoohoo 8 4 comments CA Apr 26, 2018
What's fixing to happen next my friend's?
By BucketlistBob 8 8 comments LA Dec 5, 2017
Chimeras: human stem cells grown in pigs for creation of transplantable organs for humans. Couple thoughts: 1) if human over-populatuon is a thing, and if it leads to man-made climate change (assuming this is also a thing,) is it ethical to seek ...
By Hellas 6 8 comments NC Dec 21, 2018
Why some conservatives are blind to climate change
By zblaze 7 8 comments OR Mar 15, 2018
I have recently come across a growing body of negativity towards science and scientists. There appear to be a growing number of people that feel the scientific community are in some way corrupt and/or dishonest; this goes beyond the usual 'big ...
By Rufus_Maximus 7 23 comments UK Dec 17, 2017
Climate change. Deniers of anthropomorphic climate change should be made to read Peter Brannen's book "The ends of the world" He describes in fascinating detail the five great species extinctions in the history of the planet and only the last one ...
By Moravian 7 4 comments UK Jan 16
What is you carbon footprint?
By JackPedigo 8 15 comments WA Jan 19, 2018
What evidence do you have that the human species is capable of surviving to the end of this century, given the realities we face regarding abrupt climate change?
By KarlHannah 5 9 comments Australia Apr 23, 2018
The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction | Environment | The Guardian
By zblaze 7 5 comments OR Mar 8, 2018
Do you think climate change/global warming will be devastating or just a nuisance?
By atheist 8 9 comments Canada Oct 14, 2017
LINK 97% consensus on climate change? More like 99.94%, study finds
By zblaze 7 7 comments OR Apr 19, 2018
Climate Change Pro and Cons have not accepted or explained our biggest green house gas Methane and how it will make CO2 seem irreverent! Methane is even a bigger worry! One: By human eating more meat and dairy products grazing animals which ...
By of-the-mountain 8 6 comments TX Apr 28, 2018
POLL Should Atheists/Agnostics/Humanists actively oppose dangerous religious beliefs and practices?
By DangerDave 8 17 comments NV Oct 22, 2017
Climate change is now going exponential in mass! We are close to the point of "No Return"! They spout off that CO2 and Methane are so minuscule within our atmosphere that it is not a harmful perceivable threat! The Best analogy is as ...
By of-the-mountain 8 9 comments TX Apr 27, 2018
What do you guys think can be done about the global environmental issues of climate change and resource depletion? What steps can we take as individuals, communities, societies, etc that could have a positive impact on the environment and humanity?...
By ShadowRaptor 5 9 comments NY Nov 21, 2017
What would Dr. Carl Sagan say?
By sciteachmd 6 8 comments FL Jan 7, 2018
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