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A couple of people on here have suggested that masks are not necessary if you maintain "6' apart". Alrighty then, i guess that would be great if you REMAIN ROOTED to your spot & so does everybody else. But if you, or they, (or OMG both of you!) ...
AnneWimsey CT July 1 Jul 1 1313
LINK Rural republicans in Ohio accuse governor of acting like a Democrat for protecting people against covid
bobwjr DE June 30 Jun 30 00
OMG I knew it was bad but there is more that will be discovered for years after he is out of office
whiskywoman TX June 29 Jun 29 44
I’m so excited to have just booked a few days in Florida to swim with the manatees this winter. OMG. 🤗 Has anyone else done this?
Apunzelle NC June 28 Jun 28 44
Greetings to new Introverts Unite members @Misotheist_Moon and @TimBruneau. Happy to meet you.
TheoryNumber3 IL June 27 Jun 27 44
Theres different kinds of sheep. Religious sheep, you all know well. Media sheep, omg coronavirus, omg go outside and protest forget about coronavirus, omg go back inside coronavirus. Marxist sheep: slaves to government. Corporate sheep: ...
Rich177 TX June 26 Jun 26 33
Goodnight! I think the sun is setting later these days - it's no longer the prompt it was for remembering to put up a kitty.... Plus you know being in Messenger chatting can sometimes make you lose track of time too... I swear we have gabfests ...
RavenCT CT June 20 Jun 20 22
OMG! I am actually feeling slightly hopeful right now.
NHjulie NH June 18 Jun 18 99
LINK Institute for New Economic Thinking
HippieChick58 NE June 16 Jun 16 33
LINK Atheists most politically active group in US, survey finds - The Christian Post
HippieChick58 NE June 14 Jun 14 2222
I know it gets said more than a million times a day by at least a half a million people, but I need to say with my daily exhausted exasperation, "Can he possibly be more vile, reach deeper into the swamp mud, parade his disgusting ego dripping in ...
Dingodog CO June 13 Jun 13 1010
I have spent too much of my day today immersed in the divisions going on our country. Starting off with the news. Just that. The news. Then moved onto Facebook. I know I should avoid it but I have to understand what is going on out there even ...
NHjulie NH June 10 Jun 10 55
Goodnight - Have you ever seen someone entirely lose their train of thought on social media... it's kind of epic. Today my sister posted a video of a tiger lounging at the Zoo - and said "Made me think of you. Sad in every way." - addressed to my...
RavenCT CT June 9 Jun 9 22
The saddest two war photos I have seen. ...mama's birthday, Donba's. ...a little Syrian girl lifts her hands thinking the photographer is holding a gun
Slava3 Canada June 2 Jun 2 11
LINK Lawmakers Begin Bipartisan Push to Cut Off Police Access to Military-Style Gear
HippieChick58 NE June 2 Jun 2 11
LINK Trump says he'd delete his Twitter account 'in a heartbeat' Video - ABC News
snytiger6 WA June 1 Jun 1 44
And some more from Lizzie but only because it's Sunday!
Mofo1953 FL May 31 May 31 00
How many points did you get, and can others guess what they are?? (my point score in the comments.)
scurry Canada May 29 May 29 2121
Omg i never laughed so hard at a politician in my life if you guys like The Audacity Of Biden you will absolutely love this video
Drew69 MN May 25 May 25 11
In honor of reaching 100 members today (apparently due to a site glitch that pinned the post in the general feed at the top for a day? OMG!) .... I thought I'd drop a reminder post of what we're looking for: Too hot to be ...
RavenCT CT May 21 May 21 11
'Reticulosa' sp: A Reticulosan Sponge from the Early Ordovician of Salta Province, northwestern Argentina. Reticulosan Sponges are a group of hexactine (six-rayed spicule) bearing early Sponges, that are considered ...
JoeB UK May 21 May 21 00
I love this show! John Krazinski does a superb job of bringing a lightness to a dark time. Be sure to watch to the end, my eyes were leaking!
Barnie2years PA May 20 May 20 33
Goodnight - super early - we have severe weather rolling into our area and I'm not laying odds on staying connected to the internet later. Also it hit 80 degrees here today (F). OMG!!! WTH New England? And I just had to include this art ...
RavenCT CT May 15 May 15 22
LINK Lucozade kids: viral video of boys hysterically laughing after drinking Lucozade will make your day - YouTube
Jetty May 15 May 15 11
LINK A possible explanation for the Earth's North magnetic pole moving toward Russia
TheMiddleWay CA May 13 May 13 11
Advance warning:
FrayedBear May 12 May 12 11
🎶 Oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone. 🎶
scurry Canada May 9 May 9 33
I had spent an hour in the bank with my dad, as he had to transfer some money. I couldn't resist myself & asked... ''Dad, why don't we activate your internet banking?'' ''Why would I do that?'' He asked... ''Well, then you won't have to ...
FrayedBear May 9 May 9 22
Joe Biden demands justice in jogging while black killing in Georgia. Kudos to Biden!!!! Need to hear more from him!!!! Agree/Disagree???
sassygirl3869 NY May 6 May 6 11
LINK Clinical Study Considers The Power Of Prayer To Combat COVID-19 : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
HippieChick58 NE May 4 May 4 1010
OMG! This is clever!
Jetty May 4 May 4 00
LINK Why You Need to Stop Baking Bread by Caren White
HippieChick58 NE May 2 May 2 1010
I finally got around to rewiring this sweet little vanity lamp. Now to find the perfect shade for it. I have never found out who made it but it has the word copywright in relief on the base but there is no number.
Lorajay OK May 2 May 2 22
OMG I'm I getting old🎶😉
Sheannutt OR May 2 May 2 55
LINK About | Think First Amendment I - Know Your 5 Freedoms
HippieChick58 NE May 1 May 1 22
"That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary. There wasn't even any rioting in the streets. People stayed home at night, watching television, looking for some direction. There wasn't even an enemy you could put your...
wonderandlisten IN Apr 30 Apr 30 22
I've been a huge aviation nerd since I was a little kid. I had posters, and models all over my room. Actually, truth be told, I still do. Every thing from the Wright Flyer, to the Falcon Heavy. And every thing in between. But in all of those ...
TristanNuvo FL Apr 28 Apr 28 66
LINK Rt: Effective Reproduction Number
HippieChick58 NE Apr 22 Apr 22 55
Fact check this!!!!!
RobertNappi2 CO Apr 21 Apr 21 88
Following is a quote from an article by the late James Laxer, an avowed socialist. A good retort to Doug Ford’s nonsense and to others who oppose socialism but do not actually know what it is. What do you think of this framing? ...
ToolGuy Apr 19 Apr 19 1010
Dr Oz! What a snake oil salesman! Talks about acceptable 2-3% increase in deaths? That's a violation of his Hippocratic Oath. Just because his fraud show is on Fox, he has to pander on Hannity? He's a Muslim. He doesn't believe in Allah, he believes ...
barjoe PA Apr 18 Apr 18 33
Ribeye with compound butter FOR THE GARLIC COMPOUND BUTTER unsalted butter, at room temperature garlic, minced lemon zest thyme, chopped rosemary, chopped basil, chopped Applewood smoked salt ground black pepper cayenne pepper
Kymmacg MO Apr 15 Apr 15 33
Why Gooey Creatures Might Outlast Us All
Dhiltong UT Apr 15 Apr 15 33
You may enjoy this video of Jehovah’s Witnesses getting invited in to talk about what god means to the man’s life.
ToolGuy Apr 13 Apr 13 66
This is the foolishness that arises when markets are allowed to make the decisions on how resources are allocated.
ToolGuy Apr 13 Apr 13 33
LINK Out in time for Easter ... Unreal!
PontifexMarximus Apr 8 Apr 8 22
LEGAL HOME DELIVERY First Legal Marijuana Home Deliveries Begin In Colorado Published March 27, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger For the first time, people in Colorado will be able to legally have medical marijuana products delivered directly to ...
OldGoat43 PA Mar 31 Mar 31 33
Large Mammoth bone structure
Larimar MO Mar 30 Mar 30 33
LINK Evangelicals Love Donald Trump for Many Reasons, But One of Them Is Especially Terrifying – Mother Jones
HippieChick58 NE Mar 29 Mar 29 66
Something Inside So Strong - Labi Saffre _ So many things to get right. So many things to get wrong.
avectoi PA Mar 25 Mar 25 33
omg we had the worst adventure just now. richard and i were playing our version of trivial pursuit, which consists of his reading me all the questions and my trying to come up with the answers, no board, no dice, no pieces, just the questions, ...
genessa MN Mar 21 Mar 21 33
Lol funny
bobwjr DE Mar 19 Mar 19 00
omg .. I just read this article and watched the videos ... I don't know if this is an ethical slut, or just a slut? You decide ...
Philip21 IN Mar 17 Mar 17 44
The importance of political fact checking:
TheoryNumber3 IL Mar 17 Mar 17 11
Old ad...Gremlin 🤨 OMG
Sheannutt OR Mar 16 Mar 16 66
OMG, IDK !!!! learn your acronyms people
chiara23k HI Mar 13 Mar 13 99
This Christian man is known to me and I am protecting his identity and only exposing his outrageous Evangelical belief. He played music with his guitar in his church and had dedicated that instrument to his god. Once he loaned his guitar to a friend...
DenoPenno MO Mar 11 Mar 11 33
Is anyone else scared the Corona Virus will turn into a pandemic?
Biblebeltskeptic SC Mar 8 Mar 8 99
This is the earliest I've seen bulbs and sedum appearing in our gardens.
bigpawbullets OH Mar 8 Mar 8 77
Here are 7 ridiculous and disturbing moments from Trump's visit to the CDC. Lies, mistruths and political props.
sassygirl3869 NY Mar 7 Mar 7 55
Made it out for Beer and Rolly Derby last Saturday night... sponsored by a local Wasilla craft brewery... junk food, beer, and women on skates...
FrostyJim AK Feb 26 Feb 26 33
I'm Mondaying hard... Ever do that? Just think 'OMG another week to surmont?'... That sort of Monday... Extra photos!
RavenCT CT Feb 24 Feb 24 33
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Dhiltong UT Feb 24 Feb 24 22
The ‘nurtured insanity’ of a fundamentalist upbringing There is a great exodus taking place in Christian circles. Can it be called a loss of faith? I don’t think so. It is rather a loss of confidence in everything at once. Christianity has...
nogod4me NC Feb 24 Feb 24 22
Slightly Stupid -Alice Cooper Tribute Band? - Anyone ever hear of them?
sassygirl3869 NY Feb 23 Feb 23 11
Good excuse
bobwjr DE Feb 22 Feb 22 55
I kinda like this one.
Surfpirate Canada Feb 20 Feb 20 33
How good is your government's environmental protection laws and the agencies that enforce the inadequate laws? Here is an Australian perspective during a time of having government led by a fervent Pentecostal xtian. Corinna ...
FrayedBear Feb 18 Feb 18 11
OMG!!! 😬😖😥
Sheannutt OR Feb 16 Feb 16 33
See something you like?
OldMetalHead AZ Feb 14 Feb 14 44
Tomfoolery33 WV Feb 12 Feb 12 11
Squeak squeak🤣😂
Sheannutt OR Feb 9 Feb 9 88
De La Soul's "3 Feet High And Rising" WaxOnly (Discover Songs Samples)
DevilMayCare OH Feb 8 Feb 8 11
REMOVED Outdoors2020 Blocked He stole @HippieChick58's profile (see below). "Widower". Photos pop for a "King Corgi" at Ukrainian Fashion week... -stolen celebrity photos. Following 8 at Level 3.
RavenCT CT Feb 6 Feb 6 11
Faith in humanity?
Heather2367 Canada Jan 26 Jan 26 66
God works in mysterious ways.
TheInterlooper FL Jan 21 Jan 21 11
Do any women ever read these posts and say omg I have to say hi to this guy ha! 0.2% replies
bluecooleyes PA Jan 20 Jan 20 1010
LINK Bible on which U.S. senators swear impartiality for Trump’s impeachment trial bursts into flames - The Beaverton
ATDayHiker TN Jan 17 Jan 17 55
LINK Trump threatened UK with 25% car tariffs unless it agreed to accuse Iran of breaking nuclear deal | The Independent
bobwjr DE Jan 17 Jan 17 77
I do not know who to trust in the atheist community. Politics made things awkward. I stopped visiting these places I used to hang out at : The Unitarian temple, The Sunday Assembly , And the "Ask a atheist booth". I envy those who know ...
SanDiegoAirport CA Jan 16 Jan 16 66
What would Jesus do?
bookofmorons Jan 11 Jan 11 44
"Religion is capable of driving people to such dangerous folly that faith seems to me to qualify as a kind of mental illness." - Richard Dawkins
Hages OH Jan 4 Jan 4 00
Saturday "Anything Goes" MetalMusic post of the 80's variety. Somehow out of nowhere, throughout the latter half of yesterday, I found myself continually crooning to myself various sections of a song I had not listened to recently, and hadn't ...
Rossy92 VA Jan 4 Jan 4 11
Trump really did say, in 2011, that "Obama would start a war with Iran because he's weak" hmmmm...
Robecology FL Jan 3 Jan 3 11
Kate Beckinsale
OldMetalHead AZ Jan 2 Jan 2 88
Just left a disappointing date with a woman I’ve corresponded with online for a few weeks. We share similar backgrounds (born and raised Jewish but no longer religious, from the East Coast, and more) and politics. Our correspondence was easy, ...
Bobbyzen KS Dec 26 Dec 26 1717
Non-violent communication...
skado AL Dec 25 Dec 25 55
Happy Holidays Post. :)
Druvius IA Dec 24 Dec 24 00
Look at us now!
Heather2367 Canada Dec 23 Dec 23 77
Thursday was another hooky day for Cattus - just 'cuz I can - and worked my way through Jeju Noodle Bar off Christopher Street. Every culture has its soup, but I find that there is something extra special about soups from the Far East and South East...
LatentumCattus NY Dec 23 Dec 23 11
Awesome picture
bobwjr DE Dec 22 Dec 22 11
OMG!!! So Me 😊😁🤗
Sheannutt OR Dec 22 Dec 22 44
LINK Mom Calls C-SPAN to Yell At Her Arguing Pundit Sons
HippieChick58 NE Dec 21 Dec 21 22
Well, that's interesting...
Tomfoolery33 WV Dec 13 Dec 13 22
Lier lier pants on fire, there is NO self checkout for Food Stamps 😂😂😂
IamNobody IN Dec 13 Dec 13 11
This is going to be my 7th Christmas without Norm and I honestly wish it was over with already I'm just tired of being asked can I get this for Christmas am I going to get a Christmas present what do you want for Christmas and my only thought is you ...
Huskygirl4ever WI Dec 13 Dec 13 77
Tomfoolery33 WV Dec 12 Dec 12 22
Rachmanism The act of being an unfair and/or exploitative landlord with little or no concern or duty of care for the tenants Named for Perec "Peter" Rachman, a notorious London landlord of the 1950's and 60's
LenHazell53 UK Dec 7 Dec 7 66
Happened upon a newer version of H.G.Wells , "Time Machine," showing on Netflix . Funny how seeing it decades ago , when much was conjecture , and seeing it today , when much of what he predicted had actually already happened , changes perspective ..
Cast1es TX Dec 5 Dec 5 22
LINK NATO leaders caught on camera mocking Trump
IAJO163 PA Dec 4 Dec 4 11