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STATE UPDATES 6/7/2020 Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) tweeted about an American Heart Association paper expressing concerns about the health impacts of marijuana use, but didn't mention the part of the document that calls for federal ...
OldGoat43 PA Aug 7 Aug 7 00
Just so we can't be accused of discriminating against one particular group I post the following nugget of religious nonsense
bookofmorons Aug 2 Aug 2 11
Scanned negatives I believe these are from the 1920s 1 The man in the 2nd row with the mustache is my great grandfather. 2 is the fixed copy of 3 (all of course had to be adjusted) 4 my father and grandfather (my father was born in June...
HumanistJohn VA July 25 Jul 25 66
My largest bromeliad, an Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra' from Brazil, started pushing up a bloom spike this year. I've had this plant for ten to 15 years, I'm not such a good record keeper. I first noticed it at the beginning of June. [First two ...
MarkWD CA July 23 Jul 23 55
LINK The mainstream media need to stop using euphemisms to describe Trump’s racism | Media Matters for America
snytiger6 WA July 23 Jul 23 22
LINK A Company That Profits Off Of The Black Lives Matter Movement : NPR
Jetty July 13 Jul 13 66
Sanders-Biden task forces and the debacle of Sanders’ “political revolution” With the unveiling of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden’s “joint task force” proposals for the 2020 Democratic Party platform, Sanders has put the final nail ...
William_Mary OH July 11 Jul 11 33
A little known fact.
ChurchLess FL July 7 Jul 7 22
Rest in Peace Ennio Morricone ... passed away at age of 91. Here he is directing his own composition, from the soundtrack of The Mission. 25/12/2012 - Dalla Basilica Superiore di San Francesco Concerto di Natale da Assisi. Orchestra Sinfonica ...
dede18 CA July 6 Jul 6 11
The way this year has been going, I keep thinking about this opening monolog. Enjoy!
JazznBlues MN July 4 Jul 4 33
Mongo Santamaria, "Afro Blue"
TO_BY WA July 2 Jul 2 11
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Hages OH June 30 Jun 30 00
Humorous date ideas for a post quarantine world-Some really offbeat things to do.
sassygirl3869 NY June 26 Jun 26 66
STATE UPDATES 6/9/2020 The Marijuana Policy Project released voter guides for South Carolina's primary elections on Tuesday. LINK: Pennsylvania lawmakers approved a budget provision that ...
OldGoat43 PA June 9 Jun 9 00
And now, a word from Santa Claus.
SlippingBeauty OH June 4 Jun 4 55
We are the same animal/human being. Racism is stupid.
sassygirl3869 NY June 2 Jun 2 33
Covid-19 may be a blood vessel disease. Here's why.......
sassygirl3869 NY June 2 Jun 2 22
I'll bet she said yes. 💗
scurry Canada June 1 Jun 1 44
LINK CDC: Arkansas coronavirus outbreak linked to church services - Axios
snytiger6 WA June 1 Jun 1 33
Really? You mean he lies? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked.
NHjulie NH May 26 May 26 77
Jamie Lee Curtis Born in Santa Monica, California in 1958 to actor Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh. Made her film debut in John Carpenter's 1978 horror film "Halloween." Received Golden Globe Award for "True Lies" in 1994. Besides acting ...
Ray13 OH May 25 May 25 22
MEXICAN ARCHEOLOGISTS DISCOVER TROVE OF MAMMOTH REMAINS IN SANTA LUCÍA 21/05/2020 13:11 Yanet Aguilar Sosa Between 60 and 70 mammoth specimens were found in the Santa Lucía Air Base, as well as 15 human burials with “modest” offerings ...
t1nick NM May 23 May 23 00
Pretty line up
Hathacat IL May 20 May 20 11
Chloe Avenaim
OldMetalHead AZ May 17 May 17 11
Beck, Bogert, & Appice - Morning dew - Santa Monica May '73 stereo
desertastronomer CA May 17 May 17 33
While forgiveness is something many of us prescribe to, I know not everyone agrees and that's just fine. You do you.
BeeHappy TX May 15 May 15 22
Arctic Edmontosaurus Lives Again: New Look at the ‘Caribou of the Cretaceous’ By Perot Museum of Nature and Science on May 09, 2020 Dinosaurs Ancient Arctic Edmontosaurus Published in PLOS ONE today, a study by an international team from ...
t1nick NM May 12 May 12 00
Pardon me in advance, but WTF is up with all the santa claus for grown ups/ god posts on an agnostic site? Filter-free me is a bit offended. I don't do BS & propaganda.
Emme IL May 12 May 12 88
BUSINESS 5/11/2020 Cronos Group Inc. reported quarterly net revenue of $8.4 million and an operating loss of $45.1 million. LINK: Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced it has received approval ...
OldGoat43 PA May 11 May 11 00
When you send out santa wishes a bit too early...
mistymoon77 MN May 11 May 11 33
Tonight I present Santana, I got to see him live and it was fantastic. There were so many songs I could have used but went with this one. Enjoy
Budgie Australia May 11 May 11 33
Donald Trump is in deep shit up to his nose due to his total bunging of the handling of the COVID- 19 crisis, and is now realizing that his next screw-up on the issue will make a big wave. So, he trying to wash his hands of the entire crisis and ...
wordywalt FL May 8 May 8 11
LINK Jared Kushner's pandemic effort exposed as 'laughable'
snytiger6 WA May 6 May 6 11
BREAKING NEWS: Santa Clara county California actual court proceeding of expungement of cannabis convictions for more than 7,000 individuals.
Captnron59 CO Apr 29 Apr 29 44
Santana, India Arie and Yo Yo Ma. While My Guitar:
EyesThatSmile FL Apr 28 Apr 28 55
Landscapes — 1: Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland, 1969. 2: Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 2005. 3: Lake Manapouri. New Zealand, 1977.
Coffeo Australia Apr 24 Apr 24 99
You all have that one "acquaintance"
glennlab TX Apr 23 Apr 23 11
I thought a good way to kick off this group would be to post one of my favorite prints. I bought it in Santa Fe at the New Mexico museum of art about 20 years ago. Unfortunately I can't find it online. First I am posting a link of another one of ...
Lorajay OK Apr 22 Apr 22 00
The kids are getting more creative as the isolation goes on.
glennlab TX Apr 21 Apr 21 11
When I hear more unique or most unique, I sometimes (always grinning) suggest uniquer or uniquest.
yvilletom CA Apr 20 Apr 20 22
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 20 Apr 20 1515
I took this story from the MSN news page. What caught my attention is not that there were 150 people at the funeral but that the 17 year old killed is a father of three. Surely that is a mistake. If not it is far too late for a Darwin ...
Moravian UK Apr 19 Apr 19 22
US virus data and calculations from Friday April 17. Less than 5% of the world's population with more than 24% of the world's reported deaths. US Percent of world population...
kmaz AZ Apr 18 Apr 18 33
My first "downtown" a lovely man named Macklemore, who also did Thrift Shop.
Kymmacg MO Apr 18 Apr 18 11
LINK Franklin Graham Says He Is Being Harassed Over Central Park Hospital
snytiger6 WA Apr 18 Apr 18 11
Love cats and just wanted to say hello. Blue eyed Suki is still here Felix has sadly moved on.
sukiman NY Apr 18 Apr 18 11
Hello My wife and I live on a 20 acre lake built in 1964 in the rolling hills of western New York State near the Pennsylvania border. We have been here 3 years now. We both grew up on lakes. I in Vermont and she in NY state. I love watching birds ...
sukiman NY Apr 18 Apr 18 11
Philip posted a photo of a gorgeous plant which prompted this question. When you grow your own, how much of the plant can be used and for what? I know this is a novice question but I'm hoping someday I will be able to grow here in Dallas.
txtreehugger TX Apr 18 Apr 18 55
Boston - Full Concert - 06/17/79 - Giants Stadium (OFFICIAL)
desertastronomer CA Apr 18 Apr 18 22
If you're spending the night at a friend's house, hear them loudly "getting it on" in their room at night and not even trying to be quiet, do you think that's rude and disrespectful? What would you do in a situation like that? Subtly leave? Knock on ...
VeronikaAnnJ WI Apr 17 Apr 17 2323
LINK Letters to the Editor: Who asked Ron Reagan about his zealous atheism?
IAJO163 PA Apr 17 Apr 17 1414
BUSINESS 4/14/2020 Aurora Cannabis's board approved a plan to consolidate outstanding shares on a 12:1 basis. LINK: Cresco Labs says it is expanding hiring in Illinois and will focus ...
OldGoat43 PA Apr 14 Apr 14 11
LINK 9 Things Happy People Do That Unhappy People Do Not
HippieChick58 NE Apr 13 Apr 13 11
A fabulous piece of art
FrayedBear Apr 11 Apr 11 11
It pains me to write this: If you know me, you know that I don’t believe in god. However, after all the “oh god” and “jesus, jesus, jesus” that I’ve been spewing out of my atheist mouth, you would swear that I was a major holy ...
Arachne Canada Apr 8 Apr 8 11
SENSIBLE ORDER Santa Clara County, California regulators said that only medical cannabis businesses can conduct in-store sales amid the coronavirus outbreak, while recreational marijuana sales must be done via delivery.
OldGoat43 PA Apr 3 Apr 3 22
The logic. 🙄
bigpawbullets OH Apr 3 Apr 3 22
LINK Lockdowns around the world bring rise in domestic violence | Society | The Guardian
Ann-1980 India Apr 3 Apr 3 55
What a nightmare!
QuidamOutrepont Canada Apr 2 Apr 2 33
Arizona map. So far only 3 documented cases in Santa Cruz County:
kmaz AZ Apr 2 Apr 2 11
You know they’re waiting...
1EarthLovingGal OK Mar 30 Mar 30 77
If you need masks and you can't wait, order furnace filters with a MERV rating of at least 10. It costs little and you could make a dozen for less than a dollar a piece. Thermastor Santa Fe MERV 11 (65%) Pleated Furnace Filter - 16x20x2 (4021475)
PondartIncbendog WA Mar 29 Mar 29 66
Good point
bobwjr DE Mar 28 Mar 28 55
The village garden club has managed the area around the village pump now on and off for several years. Don't think they will do this spring, but the primroses they planted are now looking great and marking the spring well.
Fernapple UK Mar 28 Mar 28 22
LINK Where the Wild Things Are (as read by Christopher Walken) - YouTube
bobwjr DE Mar 26 Mar 26 00
LINK Johnny cash Folsom prison blues
bobwjr DE Mar 26 Mar 26 33
It was only a matter of time ...
Outsideit67 UT Mar 25 Mar 25 33
An acquaintance of mine posted a Meme of a black woman with a sad frown and labeled it "Coronavirus under a microscope" I commented " I think you are looking through a racist microscope." And he liked my comment! Sometimes it is really hard to ...
Lorajay OK Mar 25 Mar 25 11
Gob·ble·dy·gook language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms; nonsense.
AkEyHeAdAkE Canada Mar 24 Mar 24 44
Dynamosuchus collisensis: A new species of Ornithosuchid Pseudosuchian from the Late Triassic Santa Maria Formation of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The radiation of Pseudosuchian Archosaurs during the Triassic Period is...
JoeB UK Mar 23 Mar 23 11
I might have to watch this (Contagion, 2011) "People say Contagion is prescient. We just saw the science. The whole epidemiological community has been warning everybody for the past 10 or 15 years that it wasn't a question of whether we were going...
Robecology FL Mar 21 Mar 21 22
My first post in this group. I saw Santana at the Sprint Center in Kansas City last fall, the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen them. I have several albums and spun one up when I’m in the mood to dance around the house. Who else likes Santana? Oye como ...
Bobbyzen KS Mar 20 Mar 20 55
This is Joe.
Charlene Mar 20 Mar 20 33
They're coming out of the woodwork lately.
OldGoat43 PA Mar 15 Mar 15 33
Why Can't I Remember My Dreams
Dhiltong UT Mar 14 Mar 14 66
For anybody who is seriously concerned about Covid-19, this link might provide some useful information:
anglophone Australia Mar 14 Mar 14 22
While my guitar gently weeps by Santana Tell me he didn’t mean that.
avectoi PA Mar 13 Mar 13 33
LINK Obama burns trump
bobwjr DE Mar 8 Mar 8 55
Televangelist Jim Bakker Ordered To Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure New York’s Attorney General has given the Jim Bakker Show 10 days to comply with a cease-and-desist letter that orders Bakker to stop touting his “Silver Solution” ...
johnnyrobish CA Mar 6 Mar 6 44
incredible 2000 year old Roman Dagger
Larimar MO Mar 5 Mar 5 33
LINK Man Killed By Police At Santa Ana Catholic Church – CBS Los Angeles
WilliamCharles CA Mar 4 Mar 4 1111
LINK SEP 2020 US Vice Presidential candidate Norisa Santa Cruz speaks on UC graduate students strike - YouTube
Ian-Duggan Ireland Mar 4 Mar 4 00
"The Left is Back?" Whether Sanders is the nominee, or not, this could be interesting:
BirdMan1 FL Mar 3 Mar 3 44
Some sunset shots from Saturday night. Western NC looking toward Grandfather Mtn. The last 2 photos are not the best shots but I love the layers of the mountains.
Heidi68 NC Feb 24 Feb 24 33
I remember being a kid and my parents filling my head with nonsense like Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Now I'm older I don't fall for that rubbish anymore, thank God.
MsDemeanour Feb 22 Feb 22 66
Sunrise farther south in the Pacific, Palisades Park. And of course, as the sun comes up over Santa Monica boulevard.
OnTheInside KS Feb 22 Feb 22 22
So unlike my parents, whom I love, lol I am letting my son decide what to believe or not to believe. He is 11 now. He believes in a god. He doesn’t know what my beliefs are. Only because he hasn’t asked. I don't want him to base his beliefs on ...
GalaxyJumper TN Feb 16 Feb 16 3131
I was gonna try to see if mine would stand but I was afraid this might be the reason it didn't 🤔🤣
Heidi68 NC Feb 14 Feb 14 33
Trump Calls on Congress to Expunge His Impeachment Talking to reporters on the White House lawn, President Trump called on Congress to "expunge" his impeachment for abuse of power following his acquittal in the Senate, claiming the whole ...
johnnyrobish CA Feb 8 Feb 8 66
Trump's tariffs on Spanish products like olive oil are putting US bases in Spain at risk.
Petter Feb 8 Feb 8 44
Channel Islands History
BDair CA Feb 7 Feb 7 33
Joseph Kishore for US President & Norissa Santa Cruz for Vice President! The alternative confronting the working class is clear: capitalist barbarism or international socialism. Capitalism means endless wars, social and economic inequality, ...
William_Mary OH Jan 28 Jan 28 22
I am a recent widower and signed up on a dating site. Finally found a woman I really liked. We talked by phone for hours and hours but never touched on religion. My dating profile stated I was an Agnostic and hers said Christian. After a long planned...
tymtravler KY Jan 21 Jan 21 7676
Despite the frost and snow the spring bulbs just keep pushing through. They do not grow like most plants by dividing and increasing the number of their cells, but by inflating their existing cells hydraulically so that they become much larger, it is ...
Fernapple UK Jan 20 Jan 20 11
53 COUNTRIES European Commission proposes unified EU vote on WHO cannabis scheduling recommendations Published 01/15/2020 By Alfredo Pascual In advance of the March session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), the ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 16 Jan 16 11
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange, new...WTH (another Trekkie thing)
JonQ CA Jan 13 Jan 13 44
Christmas is over and two of Santa's elves went south to vacation in warmer Scotland enjoying the local culture and dance.
WalterWhite Jan 11 Jan 11 11
Breaking news
glennlab TX Jan 2 Jan 2 33
LINK Santa gets nasty tweet from trump
bobwjr DE Jan 1 Jan 1 22
Mysterious Swarms of 6-Foot Drones Causing Anxiety in Colorado Mysterious nighttime visitations from of huge swarms of 6-foot drones that appear to be running very deliberate search patterns and to which the US Army and the Air Force deny ...
johnnyrobish CA Dec 31 Dec 31 55