BUCK CLAYTON, 1954 cbs vaults jam session - undecided. .......late swing jazz .......... hey! look what i just found. another from the mosaic 6 disc set that somehow made its bootlegged perhaps illegal way to youtube revival. im pretty ...
holdenc98 NC Nov 26 Nov 26 22
PAUL CHAMBERS, 1959 , art blakely - what is this thing called love? ........JAZZ BASE .... here's chambers doing this song again (see list), this time with just drums for company. better.
holdenc98 NC Nov 24 Nov 24 11
BUCK CLAYTON (1955 cbs jam sessions), blue lou ............ late swing jazz....... same as below
holdenc98 NC Nov 23 Nov 23 11
I wouldn’t really duct tape a cat...
EyesThatSmile FL Nov 16 Nov 16 55
HENDERSON, stealin apples, 1936 ......swing jazz .......... chu berry died in a car wreck at age 30. but he had been right on hawkins' heels
holdenc98 NC Nov 14 Nov 14 00
ELLINGTON, buffet flat, 1938 ......swing jazz ..........
holdenc98 NC Nov 14 Nov 14 00
Buster Bailey And His Rhythm Busters - Afternoon In Africa, 1937 ........swing jazz ....
holdenc98 NC Nov 14 Nov 14 22
an unannotated (god damn youtube!) group of ELLINGTON SIDE MEN, peckin', 1937........................... swing jazz .....
holdenc98 NC Nov 13 Nov 13 00
JOHNNY HODGES, usual ellington side men in small group assemblage, may 20 1937 ......... swing jazz .......... these kids, with their nose rings, tattoos, and genital piercings, getting paid to do annotation for youtube and them faking it with ...
holdenc98 NC Nov 13 Nov 13 11
Cushion Foot Stomp -- CLARENCE WILLIAMS and his Washboard Five, 1927 ...........early jazz ............
holdenc98 NC Nov 13 Nov 13 22
Stéphane Grappelli, Bill Coleman - Rose Room ..... swing jazz .....
holdenc98 NC Nov 13 Nov 13 11
"Trained Marxists" will likely have considerable influence in a new Harris/Biden administration.
PBuck0145 Canada Nov 12 Nov 12 44
BREAKING NEWS!!! A Brief Coronavirus Update
St-Sinner TX Nov 12 Nov 12 11
If Jesus Had A Wife
Dhiltong UT Oct 29 Oct 29 44
Usually when the block comes, I feel disappointed, but occasionally, there is a sense of pride that comes out of it. I was blocked last night by a person that was very wrong on an important subject. I pointed this out to her, in a relatively polite ...
RoboGraham MD Oct 27 Oct 27 55
MILES DAVIS, ascenseur pour l'échafaud, 1958 ........ COOL JAZZ? ........ when i was a tortured teenaged kid, in the 1950s, i remember haunting the streets in greenich village nyc at odd evening hours, immersed in ...
holdenc98 NC Oct 23 Oct 23 44
Lionel hampton - I Know That You Know , 1937 ...........jazz........
holdenc98 NC Oct 21 Oct 21 00
COLEMAN HAWKINS, - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (March 2, 1945) .....pre bop jazz.....
holdenc98 NC Oct 21 Oct 21 11
COLEMAN HAWKINS,- Hollywood Stampede - Los Angeles, March 2, 1945 '................. pre bop jazz ..a landmark
holdenc98 NC Oct 21 Oct 21 22
Now, get serious...get can't seriously expect the POTUS to do a virtual debate...?!
Green_Soldier71 Oct 19 Oct 19 00
LESTER YOUNG- I Got Rythm (1943) ............pre bob jazz........... rare and hard to find, but worth it for the back half which really cooks with his genius.
holdenc98 NC Oct 17 Oct 17 00
COLEMAN HAWKINS Quintet - Lover Come Back To Me, 1943 .........pre bop jazz .........
holdenc98 NC Oct 16 Oct 16 00
COLEMAN HAWKINS - Night And Day, 1944 ..........jazz ............
holdenc98 NC Oct 15 Oct 15 00
COLEMAN HAWKINS. I Only Have Eyes For You. 1944 ......JAZZ .............
holdenc98 NC Oct 15 Oct 15 22
COLEMAN HAWKINS, & His All Star Jam Band - Sweet Georgia Brown, 1937 .....swing jazz ............. horsies: tired of the dray horse life? want to run free with the mind -wild horsies? well, youve gotten this far, now just drink of these hawkins...
holdenc98 NC Oct 15 Oct 15 22
Honeysuckle Rose - COLEMAN HAWKINS & His All-Star Jam Band (Paris, 1937) Django Reinhardt ............SWING JAZZ ............ let notsully this with words
holdenc98 NC Oct 15 Oct 15 00
COLEMAN HAWKINS, and his All Star Jam Band - Crazy Rhythm - 1937 April 28 - Swing, Paris........... swing jazz ........ note alex comelle, benny carter. with hitler soon to invade france, he's soon forced to return home and then a slow brilliant...
holdenc98 NC Oct 15 Oct 15 22
Finally they printed it
bobwjr DE Oct 15 Oct 15 44
LESTER YOUNG- Just You, Just Me (1952) ..................JAZZ ...........
holdenc98 NC Oct 14 Oct 14 00
LESTER YOUNG, OSCAR PETERSON TRIO, 1952 - back home again in indiana- .........jazz....................
holdenc98 NC Oct 14 Oct 14 33
Django Reinhardt - I Saw Stars, 1934 ................. swing jazz ............
holdenc98 NC Oct 8 Oct 8 00
Django Reinhardt - Sweet Georgia Brown, 1937.............swing jazz .........
holdenc98 NC Oct 8 Oct 8 44
Schumann: Waldszenen, Op. 82 - No. 3 Einsame Blumen, .... one more schumann piano ...... i think this one has a slight clinker at 1:02. someone, probably kempff himself, a truly great pianist, decided to go with it anyway, and so he should ...
holdenc98 NC Oct 8 Oct 8 11
Charlie Haden & Chet Baker - Silence, 1987, 8:39 .......... avant guard bass jazz ...........
holdenc98 NC Oct 7 Oct 7 00
DJANGO REINHARDT/ STEVEN GRAPELLI-HOT CLUB, i'llsee you in my dreams, 1939 .................... jazz
holdenc98 NC Oct 6 Oct 6 11
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Balcony Rock - Jazz Goes to College , paul desmond sax ............
holdenc98 NC Oct 4 Oct 4 22
JIMMY SMITH, the champ (1956) .................. black lounge lizzard jazz organ .........
holdenc98 NC Oct 3 Oct 3 11
LESTER YOUNG, im cofessin (3:44) 1952 ................ jazz
holdenc98 NC Sep 30 Sep 30 00
LESTER YOUNG, l=flic (6:12) 1957 ................... jazz
holdenc98 NC Sep 30 Sep 30 11
I've never really seen either, but it didn't process with me until this moment that: a) "The Jazz Singer" starring Neil Diamond was a remake of the film I'd heard about with Al Jolson b) "The Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolson was not only the first...
kmaz AZ Sep 29 Sep 29 11
RED NICHOLS AND THE FIVE PENNIES (rollini, pee wee russell, fud livingston, miff mole), 1927 ....... early jazz
holdenc98 NC Sep 16 Sep 16 00
ART PAYNE AND HIS ORCHESTRA, you cant make a woman change her mind, 1924 ................... old jazz
holdenc98 NC Sep 16 Sep 16 00
LINK Funny video
bobwjr DE Sep 13 Sep 13 44
So there is a priest in Wisconsin who says that if you're Catholic you cannot be a Democrat. That seems like such an oxymoron to me But with Catholic Trump supporters in my family I guess I should not be surprised:
MaryJane IN Sep 13 Sep 13 33
A new label for @Marionville to explore NXN. NXN Recordings is a new record label that aims to be a platform for releasing new music particularly from the vibrant music scene in Norway. Each release aims to be free from genre borders and release ...
FrayedBear Sep 12 Sep 12 22
LINK South Korea’s Christians losing faith amid coronavirus outbreaks linked to churches, pastors say
NeverSure NY Sep 9 Sep 9 77
Close enough to politics "...for jazz..." (yah,. a little random) so... i am watching game of thrones. just started it at the recommendation of a very dear friend. i had refused to watch it previously. i think that we ought go back to ...
lakota_5 CO Sep 7 Sep 7 00
Music lover do you belong to Desert Island Discs?
FrayedBear Sep 5 Sep 5 00
15 months ago I formed a group based upon Roy Plumley's 1941 radio programme concept "Desert Island Discs". We seem to have a fair number of site members who enjoy music but sadly most are either too shy, too busy, or too ADD to ...
FrayedBear Sep 5 Sep 5 00
15 months ago I formed a group based upon Roy Plumley's 1941 radio programme concept "Desert Island Discs". We seem to have a fair number of site members who enjoy music but sadly most are either too shy, too busy, or too ADD to ...
FrayedBear Sep 5 Sep 5 55
" ‘What really happened at Walter Reed’: Lincoln Project unleashes devastating new anti-Trump ad using only his own words."
AnonySchmoose HI Sep 4 Sep 4 11
Alerose SG - Alt-Sexy
OldMetalHead AZ Aug 20 Aug 20 55
Jazz in the morning is always a good start.
Lorajay OK Aug 18 Aug 18 11
Based on the theme from the Andante of the Rodrigo's Concierto Aranjuez, this is an arrangement by Jazz pianist Michel Camilo & Flamenco guitarist Tomatito.
Rossy92 VA Aug 18 Aug 18 33
The legendary jazz pianist Earl Hines.
FrayedBear July 25 Jul 25 11
a jazz classic from 57, just before jazz destroyed itself
holdenc98 NC July 18 Jul 18 11
After Forever (feat. Floor Jansen): Monolith Of Doubt (live)
Rossy92 VA July 14 Jul 14 22
Stanley Clarke "Concerto For Jazz/Rock Orchestra" Jazz Rock Fusion at it’s best
dermot235 Ireland July 10 Jul 10 11
Coleman hawkins, HELLO LOLA,. recorded in nyc, 1929. its not to everyones taste,. but its one of the great (diminished by "diversity") jazz masterpieces of all time. pee wee russell on clarinet, the beloved amateur red mackenzie on kazoo ...
holdenc98 NC July 2 Jul 2 11
prestonw1243 MO June 30 Jun 30 00
SUNDAY JAZZ POST: Midnight Tango by Gato Barbieri The first video has better sound quality, but may not be available in all areas.
Rossy92 VA June 7 Jun 7 22
Glower verb (used without object) To look or stare with sullen dislike, discontent, or anger.
davers Australia June 3 Jun 3 33
LINK Study: World carbon pollution falls 17% during pandemic peak | National |
HippieChick58 NE May 19 May 19 33
One of my favorite's in the world of jazz, the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, better know as EST. Sadly, the band leader died in a diving accident some years ago.
Mitch07102 PA May 12 May 12 11
How have the time, the cultures you have been exposed to, the the places in which you have lived shaped your tastes in music? I grew up in rural north Florida which the only mus I was exposed to being church, country and pop music. Today, many ...
wordywalt FL May 3 May 3 33
St. Germain "Tourist" (Full Album) Grammy Winner, 4 Million Copies Sold in 2018
DevilMayCare OH Apr 27 Apr 27 00
Republican Forced to Apologize for Wearing Confederate Face Mask Republican state Senator Dale Zorn wore a Confederate flag face mask to a Michigan state senate vote on Friday and, when confronted by a reporter - tried to claim the mask ...
johnnyrobish CA Apr 26 Apr 26 55
Too soon.?
SCal CA Apr 26 Apr 26 22
Roy Scheider 1932-2008 Born in Orange, New Jersey. Was a Golden Gloves boxer while still in high school. Served 4 years in U.S. Air Force. Nominated for Oscars twice, in 1972 for Best Supporting Actor in "The French Connection" and in 1980 for...
Ray13 OH Apr 23 Apr 23 22
Trump stops funding for WHO. Either kiss his ass or else!
Lorajay OK Apr 14 Apr 14 22
BUSINESS 4/13/2020 Caliva launched its own delivery service and is no longer working with Eaze. LINK: LivWell Enlightened Health acquired Sweet Grass Kitchen. LINK: ...
OldGoat43 PA Apr 13 Apr 13 11
LINK Fascists Are Using COVID-19 to Advance Their Agenda. It’s Up to Us to Stop Them.
AnonySchmoose HI Apr 12 Apr 12 11
Who sez that one man can't change the world?
uncle-ernie MI Apr 10 Apr 10 55
What? As of right now ANY person's last name that is TRUMP automatically has their talking, typing, or "thinking" privileges revoked. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! Under Federal law 12345678.4 that clearly states "most of us want one fucking brain cell left...
TheGreatShadow NE Apr 8 Apr 8 11
More challanges more adaptation
JaalAmaDraav India Apr 8 Apr 8 22
Sonata in E Major K 380 L 23 composed by Domenico Scarlatti. This delightful piece may be the first that is both upbeat and major key (in other words, "unequivocally happy") which I've posted to this group. These are my two favorite performances of ...
Rossy92 VA Apr 3 Apr 3 22
Patrick Swayze 1952-2009 Born in Houston, Texas, he began his career as a dancer - having been introduced to ballet at an early age by his mother, director of the Houston Jazz Ballet Company. After a few years acting on Broadway he made his film ...
Ray13 OH Apr 2 Apr 2 22
LINK Ellis Marsalis -- The party's over (2012 Taichung Jazz Festival) - YouTube
skado AL Apr 1 Apr 1 22
Another COVID 19 death - Wallace Roney jazz trumpeter
FrayedBear Apr 1 Apr 1 33
This chart made me think about how in the last 40-50 years, Libertarian-inspired propaganda — also called news — has increasingly shaken the confidence people have in both government and government agencies. This in the country that has taken the...
ToolGuy Mar 31 Mar 31 00
Thanks so much Trump voters. Well done. The Slatest Trump Brags About His TV Ratings as Coronavirus Death Toll Keeps Climbing By Daniel Politi March 29, 20207:34 PM
kmaz AZ Mar 29 Mar 29 00
god didn't create people. People created god
aplaceintime NC Mar 29 Mar 29 88
The first time I heard this cover of Human Action I knew from the moment Vijay touched the keys that I was about to experience the gift of a genius. (I am not exaggerating.) The hair on my arms stood on end. Vijay Iyer: PhD in Cognitive Science, ...
Mitch07102 PA Mar 28 Mar 28 00
Hardy har har
mistymoon77 MN Mar 27 Mar 27 00
I'm not usually one to post music; but I was listening to smooth Jazz and heard this classic by Pat Matheny; and had to look up the video to watch it and learn more about the instrument on it... A Coral Sitar. The instrument is a Coral Sitar ...
Robecology FL Mar 26 Mar 26 11
REST IN PEACE Manu Dibango, African Jazz Great Behind ‘Soul Makossa,’ Dead at 86 From Coronavirus. 1972 track provided famous chant sample on Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ ” and numerous hip-hop hits. ...
DevilMayCare OH Mar 25 Mar 25 11
This is a tune I like from a rather obscure comedy from 2002 titled Dummy: 'Years' by Mike Ruekberg.
Ray13 OH Mar 21 Mar 21 00
8th International Jazz Festival 1974
sassygirl3869 NY Mar 21 Mar 21 00
COVID 19 may kill Jazz
creative51 MI Mar 19 Mar 19 22
Why NBA players can get coronavirus tests but regular Americans are struggling to ?? Because of a widespread testing shortage, Americans across the country with symptoms of the novel coronavirus have struggled to get tested. Yet ...
St-Sinner TX Mar 18 Mar 18 22
Awesome, love the old keys.😁
Sheannutt OR Mar 18 Mar 18 44
LINK Francisco Garcia death: Spanish football coach dies from coronavirus aged 21 | The Independent
HippieChick58 NE Mar 17 Mar 17 33
Okay, so son, 15, brings it up to me last night. Do I know Ben Shapiro? Well Joe has been listening to more commentary, podcasts....what have you. And he has questions for Dad. ME. Opinionated ME. I sez " Joe, here's where I'm at with ...
twill IN Mar 11 Mar 11 11
Radio Free Bakersfield: Radio Free Bakersfield features garage, punk, lounge, jazz, metal, Hawaiian, country, cowpunk & swing from five continents at last count. Lounge from Poland? We got it. Surf from Chile? We got it. Garage from ...
FrostyJim AK Mar 9 Mar 9 00
I listened to: "I love this beautiful duet from Lakme by Delibes. The Flower Duet. - here performed by Sabine Devieilhe (soprano) & Marianne Crebassa (Mezzo) and the French period instrument orchestra Les Siecles." I wonder if you realize the ...
Arg1929 CO Mar 6 Mar 6 11
Check this school jazz band out, very cool
creative51 MI Mar 5 Mar 5 00
Less than 2000 points to level 8 ! Woo hoo ! Lol
Buddha PA Mar 4 Mar 4 99