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A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry. I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone. I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all ...
By Foxonaut 5 181 comments IN Dec 8, 2017
I found love on! We went from "We'll probably never meet because of the distance but it's cool to have online friends" to "Oh my god we absolutely have to be together". We met irl for the first time last weekend but we've been talking on...
By Fearlessfreep 7 203 comments KS May 26, 2018
10 of my favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes: because he's just so quotable 1. The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it. 2. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. ...
By silvereyes 8 66 comments OK Dec 11, 2017
Finding love on Agnostic, update. So I get it. I don't think people end up on this site without a healthy sense of skepticism. I've not updated or posted (bragged?) about finding love because I wanted to let things with KelKat and I...simmer. ...
By Fearlessfreep 7 46 comments KS Aug 25, 2018
I have been remiss in not updating you on the third long-distance visit. I was there almost 4 weeks, and DharmaBum50 and I had a wonderful visit! He showed me around Berea, KY, and we travelled to Asheville, NC, drove the beautiful Blue Ridge ...
By EllenDale 7 30 comments MI Dec 9, 2018
Last year I lost my boyfriend to suicide. I have good days and bad days about it. His birthday is in a few days and it has me horribly emotional. I miss him so much, and i don't think that is an aspect of me that will ever fully go away. It was ...
By AprilLynn 5 47 comments MT July 25, 2018
In recent years I have become obsessed with perfection within my home. I was driving myself crazy with a need to clean and primp. Friends commented because it was so much not “like” me. Where was the OCD-like behavior coming from? I think I was ...
By SukiSue 8 27 comments MA Oct 17, 2018
POLL I've been on here a few days now & I LOVE IT! Such a great respit from the other mind numbing sites. Great conversations! Keep it up party people.
By Avidawn 4 26 comments NC Oct 10, 2018
I just got my second tattoo ever. I think I got my first one in 1996. This is of the coordinates of a stage in a field on an old hippie commune in southern Indiana, where Ukulele World Congress happens. This year is UWC X, and I've been going since ...
By Nottheonlyone 7 17 comments IN May 24, 2018
Why Only the Happily Single Find True Love
By VictoriaNotes 8 22 comments MS May 11, 2018
A question for those hoping to find love again. Do you limit yourself on distance or are you open to find love anywhere in the world? It may not seem practical to some but who's to say love is right next door, or even in a nearby town?
By BohoHeathen 7 75 comments OH June 30, 2018
What makes you leery about someone?
By silvereyes 8 64 comments OK Dec 6, 2017
I've always been supportive of LGBTQ rights, and I've always been very open about it. When I was about 14, I came out as bi, and for the most part it hasn't ever been an issue for anyone. Right after coming out, I was at a religious friend's house ...
By Librophile13 6 15 comments PA May 14, 2018
10 Cool Christopher Hitchens Quotes: These are ten of my favorites from Christopher Hitchens. 1. That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. 2. How dismal it is to see present day Americans yearning for...
By silvereyes 8 10 comments OK Dec 29, 2017
Love Letters to Richard Dawkins I laugh every time I watch it. Youtube
By WeaZ 7 11 comments MO July 16, 2018
As a gay man I grow increasingly tired of the seemingly shallow attitude in the dating pool. It seem like the materialistic nature really rears its head in terms of prerequisites for dating. Hugh dong, model appearence, big bank accounts and even ...
By Ceaselessmind 7 36 comments NC Mar 20, 2018
I wish you what your heart desires (as long as it does no harm to any beings). May you find happiness, peace, joy, health, purpose, and prosperity . . . and for those looking for love, I hope it's there for you in a new year full of new beginnings. ...
By Hope4Zoe 6 8 comments NM Dec 31, 2017
I am 48. I give myself a 5% chance to fall in love again and that's probably a very optimistic number. I think the older you are the more picky you get so the chance of falling on love diminish every day. What do you guys think?
By EggMcMuffin 5 94 comments FL Sep 13, 2018
I filed for divorce from my wife of almost sixteen years today. It's mutual and we love each other, we just can't live together. So I don't know if I will be on here very much in the near future. Too many things to take care of. Be well everyone!
By ebdb 7 36 comments PA May 9, 2018
Have you ever had a romantic "pet name?"
By silvereyes 8 48 comments OK Mar 17, 2018
Sorrow has reared its head in my life. Our dog passed over the rainbow bridge today, and our hearts are broken. The sorrow will eventually dissipate, replaced by smiles whenever we remember a silly, cute, or loving thing that he did, but that is ...
By tioteo 7 30 comments MI Dec 6, 2018
What would you never pay for?
By silvereyes 8 42 comments OK Feb 17, 2018
Does unconditional love exist?
By silvereyes 8 85 comments OK Feb 26, 2018
Who Brings Out the Best in You?
By sassygirl3869 9 32 comments NY May 28, 2018
Just wanted to say, as a new member, I love this site so far. So many like minds. I could converse with you people for days and never get bored. you guys are all awesome. Think freely everyone. I feel I have found my people. The thinkers. the ...
By SilverDollarJedi 7 10 comments IL Dec 10, 2017
I love this man! I normally wouldn’t agree with nobody to go to Hell, but I’d take in consideration for all the sick fks who has ever taught this hideous place to a small child.
By EmeraldJewel 7 13 comments OK Dec 24, 2017
Would you move for love?
By Wchairgal 4 158 comments NY Oct 10, 2018
Why do we continually want someone we can’t have?
By Marcie1974 8 44 comments MN May 8, 2018
We released a new tag feature for all posts today and wanted to explain it a little. Tags are just 1-3 word keywords (e.g., love, ClimateChange ) that help and find categorize topics. When you submit a post, we automatically look for words and ...
By Admin 8 16 comments Online Dec 19, 2017
I've been here for three days now and already you have all made me fee so welcome. I feel like part of the family. And that's a wonderful feeling I feel more at home here than I do on my own Facebook page. Here's something that I shared on my ...
By Duke 8 16 comments CO Dec 21, 2017
This was too funny not to share. I love being single, I always have clean underwear!!
By ReadyforaChange 7 11 comments NC Dec 11, 2017
Update on the kitties. So I've moved the family to better quarters because just staying behind the AC was untenable. Momma cat has accepted the new accommodations and now I don't have to worry about the kittens moving around and falling off of an ...
By Georgy303 6 8 comments FL June 10, 2018
Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Agree or disagree?
By Aralt 7 61 comments NY Apr 18, 2018
Emotional Armor
By AMGT 8 27 comments CA Feb 14, 2018
Hello! I'm new to this site and just trying to figure it all out! I am generally distrusting of online dating sites. I tried one last winter and it was pretty much a disaster. But I like the format of this site. I like how you can post comments ...
By CLM64 5 22 comments NC June 20, 2018
But let's be honest
By Funnygir175 7 12 comments TX Feb 10, 2018
Do you and your partner make each other feel happy?
By BucketlistBob 8 22 comments LA June 30, 2018
So I lost a woman I loved because I would not compromise on my skeptic approach and realistic understanding of our universe and our existence. Why is it that folks don’t find the understanding that we are from and of this universe to be ...
By machus1 5 20 comments NC Sep 2, 2018
Secret crushes?
By ladyprof70 7 42 comments WI Sep 24, 2018
Name one thing you want to try in the bedroom.
By HippieChick58 9 45 comments NE June 10, 2018
I just want you all to know that I love this site. It's been a while since I've been on a site where there were so many welcoming and intelligent individuals. You've all confirmed my long held belief that Atheists and Agnostics are more ...
By Duke 8 13 comments CO Dec 20, 2017
A love for the ages.
By WilliamCharles 7 7 comments CA Sep 21, 2018
We love not under compulsion—on the contrary, we love because it's the human thing to do. Happy Winter Solstice! Enjoy family and friends today.
By Sapio_Ink 6 5 comments AZ Dec 25, 2017
An essay on atheism that I wrote for the Harrisburg Patriot-News and PennLive. Hit a nerve because I got hundreds of comments. By Bob Quarteroni Bertrand Russell said it best, as he did of so many things: “And if there were a God, I think ...
By hector 2 7 comments PA Dec 5, 2017
Does age matter to you when it comes to love or dating?
By BohoHeathen 7 89 comments OH July 3, 2018
You have to make love to my mind..before you can make love to my body. Does anyone else require the emotional connection first ?
By Wildgreens 7 57 comments LA June 9, 2018
Can you fall in love with someone who you've never met in person?
By silvereyes 8 64 comments OK Feb 20, 2018
Do you believe in love.
By Fluffykytten 5 48 comments New Zealand Dec 5, 2017
Describe your love life in one word.
By Mea 7 283 comments CO Mar 21, 2018
Have you ever tried to believe in god, but you found yourself not able to?
By EmeraldJewel 7 29 comments OK Dec 5, 2017
I don't care about who you love… But I do care about who you hate!
By Benthoven 8 4 comments NY Jan 20
There's nothing like a secular humanistic kind of love.
By Sapio_Ink 6 9 comments AZ Dec 9, 2017
I'm just wondering why all you atheists celebrate Valentine's Day? Isn't it a Christian fairy tale day? I want someone to ask me out on a date but not because hallmark needed a reason to sell cards in February. I would rather go out with someone ...
By confidentrealm 7 47 comments TX Feb 14
Aversion Chidhood Experiences (ACE'S) causes psychological trauma in children that manifests itself in adulthood. We must protect the mental virtue of our children. Stop controlling them with fear of religion and protect them with love.
By Sapio_Ink 6 5 comments AZ Dec 10, 2017
Just want to compliment a few people: @VictoriaNotes and @irascible, I love the absolute logic with which you both are able to construct an argument! I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but you two are crazy-smart! ...
By Kreig 7 7 comments New Zealand Dec 1, 2017
The lens of lust and love
By AMGT 8 21 comments CA Feb 9, 2018
If you had the chance to start over with someone, would you go back and meet them again or choose not to meet them at all?
By Sacha 7 40 comments New Zealand Feb 27, 2018
POLL Time Sensitive! I need some advice! I met a cute guy on Wednesday who seemed into me. I sent him an email asking if he wanted to go out with me on Sunday, my birthday. I received a limp answer 2 days later. Today I sent another email asking if he...
By Meta-Jen 4 71 comments Canada July 29, 2018
Salute to Your Nose: What smell gives you a nosegasm?
By silvereyes 8 46 comments OK Dec 10, 2017
Im curious to know how many people believe that after the age of 60-65 or even older that they are going t find someone who make them have butterflies in their stomach like they may have had when they were in their teens and twenties?
By Annaise 5 74 comments HI Oct 6, 2018
Who is good enough ( my Sunday morning rant)
By Jameson 7 24 comments FL Mar 4, 2018
Would you rather be crazy rich or deeply in love?
By kensmile4u 8 97 comments FL Apr 17, 2018
I absolutely love the holidays. I don't believe in god, never have but I love the songs, the lights, the foods, the decorations. Anyone else?
By Crimson67 8 35 comments KY Dec 16, 2017
love Cyanide & Happiness :)
By evestrat 8 5 comments KS Dec 19, 2017
Life is Too Short - Dr. Zeuss
By sassygirl3869 9 7 comments NY June 26, 2018
Do people actually find a soulmate or is that fake?
By Sarahroo29 8 54 comments CO Dec 22, 2017
Hey Guys, if you love music, will you please follow me and throw a song you are digging this week in the comments? The only thing I give a shit about is music. Thank you! I'll start. Youtube
By M3G4N666 6 36 comments TX Apr 15, 2018
I need light shed on the interactions of white and black people. When I was younger before I met my sister from another mother, neither black people or white people fucked with me. I was too "white" for the black people and actually black for the ...
By clea 4 35 comments FL Jan 1, 2018
In death...
By Doubterbeliever 3 19 comments UK Apr 8, 2018
I am "brand new" to this site and I have to say I LOVE it. I had been pretty much agnostic for many years but ever since 911 I have come to realize that faith in God's has to be one of the most destructive forces of the human condition. But ...
By Jimm48 4 11 comments CT Dec 15, 2017
All about that stank love ... :-D
By evestrat 8 13 comments KS Feb 13, 2018
So, about dating... This is probably the most difficult and most frustrating. As an awake and aware person in the south, everyone here is pretty devout and close minded to anything outside of a white jesus bible. God fearing or must love the ...
By JazzBlack 5 21 comments GA May 21, 2018
POLL Would you rather work at a place you love where you make very little money or a place you hate where you make a lot? Why?
By Mea 7 54 comments CO Apr 4, 2018
Love this one.
By Arasmuson 6 9 comments MA Dec 10, 2017
Would you have a wedding with religious aspects incorporated in it?
By Mea 7 40 comments CO June 29, 2018
What kind of relationship do you want with your spouse or S/O? I want two- one when we're young and one when we get old. I want the young one to be honest like my aunt and uncle's relationship is brutally honest. She asked him how she looked for...
By LunaStarr 4 5 comments IL May 19, 2018
What is the worst X-mas song ever? I'll go first.
By TommyMeador 7 34 comments TX Dec 4, 2017
Can you recommend a new hobby to me?
By silvereyes 8 53 comments OK Dec 31, 2017
How do you define "incredible" sex?
By Mea 7 77 comments CO May 13, 2018
When you are feeling down, lonely, unwanted... remember, LOVE YOU for who you are, for what you do and for what brings you happiness and enjoyment!
By HeyHiHullo 7 11 comments LA Feb 7, 2018
Love will set you free? True or false?
By EmeraldJewel 7 39 comments OK May 20, 2018
Why do we fall in love?
By nineteen79 4 44 comments TX Apr 22, 2018
Interested in your thoughts on two different topics: 1) Karma 2) Soul-mates
By Kassandra 6 77 comments TX Aug 2, 2018
Does online dating actually result in long term happy relationships? What is your personal experience? I’m just finding it horrible for my self esteem.
By BookishAngel 4 71 comments OR Mar 23, 2018
Do you believe in love at first sight? I met a woman 2 days ago. Who said to me, she is in love with me. The odd thing about that is I am crazy about her, maybe love too. I have had lust at first sight before. Just not humming, floating, and ...
By Castlepaloma 7 28 comments Canada Feb 3, 2018
Psychology of women's profile for men they would/want to date
By mander207 4 10 comments CA June 20, 2018
The friendly atheists next door
By SteveB 7 9 comments IA Dec 18, 2017
WHY I LIKE CATS If I posted this in 'Feline Fanatics' it would be like preaching to the choir so I thought I'd do it here. In real life I get side eye when I talk about my cats and online I'm sure I get plenty of electronic side eye too. For ...
By kmdskit3 8 13 comments MN Apr 23, 2018
I think I'm in love with everyone here. Is it too soon? :p Can't handle this much oxytocin!
By CuriousCreature 7 8 comments NY Dec 7, 2017
Is this True Love?
By BeeHappy 9 26 comments NV Jan 29, 2018
The perfect Valentine's gift?
By EricTrommater 9 8 comments VA Feb 7, 2018
A MATURE UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE ISN'T THAT HARD!!! Couple will have disagreements, actually, a good loud argument is much healthier then holding negative feelings inside. But when a TRUE couple, with REAL love, find themselves in a disagreement, ...
By SenseiBeck 4 8 comments IN Jan 14, 2018
I do not think the downtrodden have to take responsibility for their lives. They have the right to remain downtrodden. I do not think the poor should be forced to find a way to make more money. They have the right to remain poor. I do not think...
By anonymous 7 6 comments Online Dec 20, 2017
George Carlin's wife died early in 2008 and George followed her, dying in July 2008. It is ironic George Carlin - comedian of the 70's and 80's - could write something so very eloquent and so very appropriate. An observation by George Carlin: The...
By Gatovicolo 7 7 comments TX Dec 4, 2017
Ok, my wife and I are separated but not divorced yet. We are working on the paper work for it now. She is the one who wants the divorce and I am still madly in love with her. We are going to stay friends because it was not a bad divorce. She grew ...
By KingPeep 6 42 comments WV May 1, 2018
What’s the worst break up you’ve had?
By ekon1227 4 40 comments AZ Aug 30, 2018
Working on carving some Celtic love spoons
By Pneumike 3 6 comments AZ Nov 28, 2017
What would you buy?
By davtim68 7 24 comments AZ Dec 15, 2017
What is your New Years Day meal this year?
By Duke 8 24 comments CO Jan 1, 2018
Just musing... I read an article recently stating that "settling" for someone less than your ideal person can be a good thing. Their position was that "perfection is the enemy of the good"...and as I get older, I wonder about this. What I seek in a ...
By SeptemberWoman 5 6 comments NY May 1, 2018
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