LINK My Brief Spell as an Activist – Quillette
sunhatpat Albania Oct 17 Oct 17 33
LINK Under GOP Pressure, U.S. Military Gives Green Light to Proselytizing Officers | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Sep 21 Sep 21 1212
Proselytizing can be hazardous to one's health. A November, 2018 SA blog.
PBuck0145 Canada Sep 12 Sep 12 11
I don't understand any of the words, but I enjoy this, hopefully you do to.
Garf Australia Sep 11 Sep 11 11
How nice! Or not. Moving in my new office at the hospital. New furniture is there, needing me to connect gadgets and tidy up the space. But along with furniture is this "thoughtful" little desk drawer tray someone stocked with McDonald's coffee ...
MikeInBatonRouge LA Sep 7 Sep 7 1010
Et tu Albert Einstein?
JeffMesser OK July 8 Jul 8 33
Been flirting with this nonidentity label: Maybe related to my interest in critical theory and post-structuralism. Or ironic recognition of identity politics as slammed by prominent new atheists. ...
Scott321 FL June 24 Jun 24 00
The Worlds Funniest Police Officer
PondartIncbendog WA June 7 Jun 7 00
The segment on Rachel Maddow where she shows the speech Rev. Al Sharpton gave is one of the best I have heard in years, many years. What we have to remember is that he is not talking about just black people but everyone who is one of the people in ...
dalefvictor OR June 4 Jun 4 22
NEW JERSEY READY TO JUMP IN A poll shows that New Jersey voters are poised to strongly approve a marijuana legalization referendum that’s on the November ballot. Legalizing cannabis got more support in the survey than President Donald Trump,...
OldGoat43 PA Apr 24 Apr 24 11
RavenCT CT Apr 20 Apr 20 11
Hey, a good news story coming out of Covid-19. A 103 year old survivor of the Spanish flu has survived Covid.
Beowulfsfriend PA Apr 10 Apr 10 00
2020 tattoo.
Heather2367 Canada Mar 27 Mar 27 33
US Air Force Reserves finally drops proselytizing video after MRFF demand!
of-the-mountain TX Mar 23 Mar 23 1010
I’m seriously beginning to loathe Christians. Every time I’m at work I get asked if I believe in jesus and did. I know that everything good that happens to me is a blessing from god. Please excuse me while I puke! It’s getting harder for me to ...
AngiePoo MI Mar 11 Mar 11 22
I’m seriously beginning to loathe Christians. Every time I’m at work I get asked if I believe in jesus and did. I know that everything good that happens to me is a blessing from god. Please excuse me while I puke! It’s getting harder for me to ...
AngiePoo MI Mar 11 Mar 11 11
I’m seriously beginning to loathe Christians. Every time I’m at work I get asked if I believe in jesus and did. I know that everything good that happens to me is a blessing from god. Please excuse me while I puke! It’s getting harder for me to ...
AngiePoo MI Mar 11 Mar 11 00
The Real Witch Hunt is the destruction of our institutions and our way of life!!! The complete insanity of the Republican Party!!! Pure all out lies, deceit, and fraud are their calling cards of the Fascist police state they are creating in ...
of-the-mountain TX Feb 16 Feb 16 00
Do you remember the last Lord of the Rings, when the massive calvary charged? The real history is far more epic. The biggest cavalry charge in history leaded by the Polish king that saved Vienna. Here is the inspiration. And of ...
Pedrohbds Feb 7 Feb 7 11
Franklin Graham was dropped by every venue on his planned UK tour. It's good to see proselitizers publicly not welcomed on the merits of what they really are. The normalization, acceptance, and endorsement of these things are probably their biggest ...
KingofHarts CT Feb 6 Feb 6 1010
It seems to me that religions selling the promise an afterlife should be illegal. This is fraud. At the very least, religions should come with a fraud warning label: “There is no evidence that heaven exists.” Better yet, make proselytizing ...
GROG CA Jan 25 Jan 25 99
This is appalling. When proselytizing nutters meet illiterate native tribes this can happen.
Moravian UK Jan 17 Jan 17 1313
A science poem... What Matters By Herb Newsam The constantly changing universe, never stops matter. The course of entropy, brings unending changes of matter. Life's evolution by the movement of entropy on matter. Life cannot happen in...
HerbertNewsam OR Jan 5 Jan 5 00
Jehovah's Witnesses at the door: While I was composing a post to this group, a nice polite father and son Jehovah's witness team knocked on my door. On some level I enjoy meeting other folks in the community, whether theist or atheist, even if on...
kmaz AZ Dec 29 Dec 29 11
Be quite...Here comes the hooman!!!!
RobertNappi2 CO Nov 26 Nov 26 66
So, you don't trust a doctor to stitch you up? submitted 16 hours ago by EvenBetterCool Fine. Suture self.
Horseman UK Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Moose in Canada
ToolGuy Oct 15 Oct 15 11
Doing a little cleanup at Panera Bread ... before and after.
Apunzelle NC Oct 15 Oct 15 22
BUDDY SYSTEM Two associates of President Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani were arrested on charges that they, along with two other defendants, allegedly plotted to illegally funnel foreign money to politicians in an effort to secure marijuana ...
OldGoat43 PA Oct 11 Oct 11 11
Internaționala Panteistă-Protectivă a Familiei Terra/The International Pantheist-Protective of the Terra Family /L'Internationale Panthéiste-Protective de la Famille Terre: Sculați, în voi este Salvare,/ Voi, protectivi, benefici Zei . / ...
tipi Sep 20 Sep 20 33
jamesbrown90 Blocked Image didn't pop (it should). He's Proselytizing - that will get you removed. Sept 15 - following 11 - still Level 1. Hard to PM from Level 1 - well see if that changes.
RavenCT CT Sep 11 Sep 11 11
REMOVED Lee111 blocked He's proselytizing. I wrote on his post letting him know we're a godless site. (FWIW) He'll probably get jumped anyway. Photo didn't pop. He's listed as Single no idea why he's in ...
RavenCT CT Sep 5 Sep 5 33
Common sense
bobwjr DE Aug 8 Aug 8 33
LINK Public high school scheduled to hold 'Back to School Worship Service.' Atheist group isn't down with it. - TheBlaze
zblaze OR Aug 7 Aug 7 1616
Happy Tuesday Heathens! Have a Most Excellent Day!
Shoemaker MD July 30 Jul 30 33
Jeffrey Epstein Indictment Unsealed: Are We Seeing The Power Elite Finally Come Down?
desertastronomer CA July 13 Jul 13 33
LINK Worker threw exception | | Cloudflare
zblaze OR July 5 Jul 5 00
LINK A man walks into a bar in Vegas. : Jokes
KITDFOHS VA June 21 Jun 21 22
Do you feel we could use an "ecological concerns" group, or is this sufficiently covered by current forums such as General, Politics, etc. for those with a serious but broad interest eg. climate change, agriculture, nutrition, population, migration, ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. June 16 Jun 16 44
LINK America's Forgotten Mass Imprisonment of Women Believed to Be Sexually Immoral - HISTORY
WilliamCharles CA June 13 Jun 13 77
sounds like last Friday
bookofmorons June 2 Jun 2 11
Democratic Party Accomplishments - For All the People. If you approve of these caring acts you are cordially invited to join Leftists.
sassygirl3869 NY June 1 Jun 1 00
We most likely all agree that we don't like proselytizing. What are your feeling about Atheists or Agnostics, trying to convince true believers that their belief is mistaken or absurd?
Veazeyj KS May 30 May 30 55
When I say I’m wearing my underwear for a “special occasion”. (Except it’s bud)
1EarthLovingGal OK May 29 May 29 33
All sleep matters
GeorgeRocheleau AZ May 14 May 14 55
Lindisfarne -, Run For Home
ipdg77 May 11 May 11 11
I won an award! If they only new how I really felt
djs64 FL May 3 May 3 33
It'll never work.
Tomfoolery33 WV Apr 14 Apr 14 22
BEWARE OF UNSPOKEN ASSUMPTIONS IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS AND PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEIR OWN RULES. Some people have assumptions of how their partner is supposed to behave and become angry, insulting, abusive, controlling, etc., if that partner does not...
permanwilson NJ Apr 10 Apr 10 33
Monna in The Crap I Put Up With Tales If you're a sexual predator it's probably NOT a good idea to abduct a...well, that's a Tale yet to be told!
DangerDave NV Mar 13 Mar 13 44
As an atheist I’m not a fan of proselytizing, as a vegan I don’t want to do what’s distasteful in religion, but is it the same? I consider religion to be fiction & global warming to be real. I went vegan for health but the health of planet also...
ArdentAtheist FL Feb 25 Feb 25 1010
Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact Things get serious when Automator picks up the baton.
Lutherzme PA Feb 18 Feb 18 00
I brought my first recruit to the asylum. Please welcome my good friend
Amzungu IL Feb 13 Feb 13 99
The Uninvited - What God Said
TheGreatShadow NE Feb 4 Feb 4 00
Trump say grocery stores will help federal employees during shut down. He's pretty free with other people's money, isn't he. Is there any evidence that Trump the landlord is letting government employees not pay the rent?
John_Tyrrell Canada Jan 25 Jan 25 22
Intermission...(just as a statement, if I find out who is reporting posts on here, I will boot you so fast! Puritan cowards!)...
phxbillcee AZ Jan 17 Jan 17 00
Empathy legislated ! It has come to that, we had to go to court fight for the right to feed the homeless .
Slava3 Canada Dec 29 Dec 29 66
Local Forces Who Defeated ISIS in Syria Defend Their Territory (The outcry against Trump’s withdrawal announcement include exaggerations of the role that 2000 U.S. troops played in defeating ISIS (which exclude ...
William_Mary OH Dec 29 Dec 29 00
After Andy met Ron!
phxbillcee AZ Dec 28 Dec 28 00
LINK The 'angel' who secretly pays patients' hospital bills - BBC News
Amzungu IL Dec 27 Dec 27 00
LINK Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe?
malayang-isipan Canada Dec 17 Dec 17 44
Gmak IA Dec 11 Dec 11 44
Went to a poly friendly party last night and met some really great people in my local community. A community primarily governed by the fundamental rule of consent, and consent once doesn't necessarily mean always unless that's been discussed and ...
Tampabrew FL Dec 8 Dec 8 44
This piece of crap HP is really beginning to annoy me. The only solution to its memory problems is to dump Chrome. So I started setting up IE and it will NOT open Agnostic!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.
sewchick57 KS Dec 7 Dec 7 33
Good news, I'm alive and well after my sister's catholic wedding this past weekend. I didn't catch on fire while entering the church. Two minor accidental slippups though. I had a short snicker during the ceremony on accident that I don't think ...
Eric84 PA Oct 29 Oct 29 55
An interesting new development
Science-guy Canada Oct 28 Oct 28 22
Waiting for it
Wonderwoman76 UT Oct 27 Oct 27 55
My my , disappointed am I. I only could deepthroat 7 inches of unpeeled banana this morning.
DoDapper MN Oct 18 Oct 18 99
Here's a mystery I've been trying to solve for a long time. Why does it bother the shit out of me that there are people that believe in a god and I do my best to criticize and destroy their beliefs with science and reason? It's been about 20 years ...
scrunchy AZ Oct 15 Oct 15 1111
Here's a question: What is the worst thing a believer has ever said/done to you? I'm not talking about proselytizing or bringing up your certain path for hell. I'm talking about someone who allegedly loves and cares for you. Mine: Best friend ...
pasha-one-nine IL Oct 13 Oct 13 66
LINK just launched as a forum to help sexual assault survivors - CNNPolitics
HippieChick58 NE Oct 12 Oct 12 11
Just found this...funny.
Reignmond GA Oct 11 Oct 11 66
I got 666 as my link/group number. What do I win? (Please don't say a swift kick in the nuts.)
PolyWolf PA Oct 10 Oct 10 11
You don't just meme them.
Mr_Dj MO Oct 10 Oct 10 00
Be care you can't get away from them!
CMan UT Oct 2 Oct 2 11
This is something that's been bothering me for a couple weeks. I got a call from a family member I haven't seen in over 20 years. He's my senior by 30+ years. We hung out for a few hours one afternoon. On the drive home, he suddenly became a little ...
Kat CO Sep 29 Sep 29 2424
Wishful thinking.
mistymoon77 MN Sep 27 Sep 27 55
Morticia, Vampira & Elvira
zorialoki NM Sep 17 Sep 17 11
Why did I get divorced? Well, last week was my birthday. My wife didn't wish me a happy birthday. My parents forgot and so did my kids. I went to work and even my colleagues didn't wish me a happy birthday. As I entered my office, my secretary said, ...
AwarenessNow CO Sep 15 Sep 15 99
I guessed this wrong too...
AwarenessNow CO Sep 13 Sep 13 44
In reading some comments of the Dallas cop that shot a man in his apartment it's amazing to me that people are trying to find some "reasonable" explanation for her to have shot an unarmed black man in Texas. I find that amazing ...
redbai CA Sep 11 Sep 11 33
Winter is slowly coming. It has been in the upper 40's at night here. The Thirteen Line Squirrel is packing his cheeks with seed that falls from the bird feeders for the winter. He has made a hole right under the feeder from his burrow, pretty ...
Mark013 WI Sep 10 Sep 10 00
Good morning fellow hedonists! one more day to raise the flag of freedom, equality and wisdom!
Eldovis VA Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Boogey CA Sep 4 Sep 4 11
Following on from someone's recent post about 15 books that have stuck with you. Name 15 albums that have stuck with you throughout your life.
SimonCyrene UK Sep 4 Sep 4 2222
There's nothing worse than looking down after sex and seeing that limp, used condom hanging off your penis. Especially when you weren't wearing one when you began.
AwarenessNow CO Aug 24 Aug 24 11
Ol' Sammy had it right.
poetdi56 FL Aug 24 Aug 24 55
The last time? ???
Sheannutt OR Aug 22 Aug 22 2121
Birthday cake
chalupacabre WA Aug 21 Aug 21 55
Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) He seen what many today refuse to see. Even as it beats them like a 2X4 upside their heads.
William_Mary OH Aug 17 Aug 17 11
2008 granddaughter likes to take up close pictures.
Sheannutt OR Aug 14 Aug 14 44
An acquaintance of mine who is aware I am not a believer, keeps inviting me church functions like picnics & other social events. Several years ago I went to a christmas concert. I had nothing else to do that Saturday afternoon & I like music. Her ...
kozmic WI Aug 13 Aug 13 3535
Zero Hour - The Plimsouls I always liked these guys.
Tomfoolery33 WV Aug 12 Aug 12 33
So last night, a Christian troll stormed the gates on some soldier in the army of god bullshit. He created proselytizing posts, followed everyone he could like a creepy stalker (myself included), left unappreciated comments on other people's posts, ...
ghettophilosopher FL Aug 12 Aug 12 55
A change is gonna come.
Snickers77 CA Aug 11 Aug 11 22
An interesting talk. I do feel a bit skeptical about some of the content, but the mental health professionals at work recommend this gentleman's books. Feeling good | David Burns | TEDxReno
pixiedust Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 22
So I had a damn unpleasant lunch. My theist boss decided to attempt to exorcise what he called the ”air of atheism” that he detected about me. Early on he talked about God being outside space and time then rambled up to making the point that a ...
Novelty CA Aug 3 Aug 3 1414
POLL Just curious...
DanielBrady IN Aug 1 Aug 1 2424
Agent Ken lol
Michael88 OH July 30 Jul 30 00
Church signs in your face every day ?
Scottzillyun WV July 13 Jul 13 2323