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Maryland, USA

Humanist, Atheist, Secularist, Freethinker, Skeptic
Open to meeting women

Mother and wife. Looking for friends and a girlfriend just for myself. AA in anthropology, finishing a master's in nonprofit management. I used to be on here a while back, but left because people were insensitive and belittling. Giving it another try.

I've seen plenty of churches use this trick to "spread the word", might as well do it back. See how much they like it.

New Jersey, USA

Humanist, Atheist, Secularist, Freethinker, Skeptic
Open to meeting women

A morbid gonzo geek from earth .....possibly👽..?INFJ,contrarian starwars nerd,cinema whore,proud atheist scum,skeptic,an all around hoot to the senses.....endure the rape of your mind to come out a better being....NOW 100% Twitter BANNED so you know I'm trustworthy!

Lost boys ha!

Quebec, Canada

Humanist, Atheist, Secularist
Open to meeting women

Would love to meet a smart atheist woman with whom to have smart conversations

Wadsworth, USA

Humanist, Freethinker, Secularist, Spiritual
Open to meeting men

A Berniecrat looking for conversations with likeminded people. I am looking for a long term relationship with someone who shares my core values and what I do and do not want out of life. A: no kids, I do not want them. B: A religious partner is Not a deal breaker, lying about it is. Just don’t be practicing that’s all I care. I ONLY date black men. I despise tRump and just about everything about religion and conservatives. Being a good human being takes less effort than being a racist, xenophobic rapist, human trafficker.

As a human trafficking survivor, I think you for including my brothers and sisters and I in your exquisite description of this insane world we are all just trying to survive on. 😷😘🥰

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I wrote a poem. I am not very good at it, but it is kind of like a riddle and I wonder what other people might think it is about, since I seem to think a bit differently. If you have time, and who doesn't at this point, and are inclined to read it... Philosophy & Meaning
JohnHocker Apr 5 Apr 5 11 Philosophy & Meaning
They say you can justify most any kind of behavior with some excerpt from The Bible. Is that true of hoarding? Philosophy & Meaning
dannydreamer Apr 5 Apr 5 33 Philosophy & Meaning
Got some digital painting done on some old line art of mine. Let me know what you think! Youtube
General & Hellos
MagnetarRocks Apr 5 Apr 5 00 General & Hellos
For a long time , I've been doing my shopping on Sunday morning , because , living in the Bible belt , the stores are empty then . With the Chruches , finally shutting down , I was concerned that the store would be packed today . When I arrived there... Health & Happiness
Cast1es Apr 5 Apr 5 33 Health & Happiness
I am quite the introvert. Loner, they always called me. Not that I wanted to be; it just happened. So, I didn't fully understand how difficult this current self-isolation was going to be for extroverts. That is, of course, until I witnessed my ... General & Hellos
Bn4fE5 Apr 5 Apr 5 44 General & Hellos
According to this recent article the toilet paper shortage is really caused by everyone now taking a crap at home. Well, that and confusion in a doublesided market. [] General & Hellos
DenoPenno Apr 5 Apr 5 00 General & Hellos
I’m safe because I am covered in Jesus’ blood. The USA may be fucked because of these deluded people. News & Links
ToolGuy Apr 5 Apr 5 22 News & Links
FELLOW AGNOSTICS…Many of our atheist friends here seem to be mightily annoyed at comments I have made about atheism recently. Charges that I am a troll abound…based mostly on indignation that I dare to suggest that the atheists here seem obsessed... Religion & Spirituality
FrankA Apr 5 Apr 5 77 Religion & Spirituality
This landed on me today. Worth a read for its humour content as much as truth. Copied.. read and comprehend you twats! As someone with a Masters in disease control, you can only imagine the sheer hell on earth that Facebook is for me at the ... General & Hellos
Jetty Apr 5 Apr 5 1515 General & Hellos
Youtube Love or hate this guy. Devon Tracey is a man of principles, liberal values, & is adequately opinionated enough to seperate himself from the herd. I post his latest video unseen. Because in an earlier video he promoted this website. ...
Seriousreason Apr 5 Apr 5 00 Politics
This is why Germany is doing better than we are. [] Academic (e.g., Science)
loisgh61 Apr 5 Apr 5 00 Academic (e.g., Science)
I hate it when actual hero's do not get the credit but an invisible made up friend in the sky gets all the accolades Health & Happiness
joeandbarb Apr 5 Apr 5 00 Health & Happiness
Cold chilling facts of how Modi treats his people. I'm sure this reminds you of how Blorange treats his people - protecting himself and the elite. [] This article provides the facts News & Links
TimeOutForMe Apr 5 Apr 5 11 News & Links
Is anyone else watching the new TV show "Unorthodox" on Netflix? [] Haven't finished it yet so no spoilers in your replies please, but wow, if that is really what the Ultra-orthodox society is like (I have a feeling it is) then ... Religion & Spirituality
prometheus Apr 5 Apr 5 55 Religion & Spirituality
Is a Spanish Covid_19 vaccine just 5 weeks away? [] Health & Happiness
Petter Apr 5 Apr 5 11 Health & Happiness
So here's a reasonable discussion from YouTube. I guess it's about perspective on life, or it could honestly be a dick measuring contest, I'm not sure I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again soon even. I don't typically engage in discussion ... Religion & Spirituality
SeanPaul91 Apr 5 Apr 5 22 Religion & Spirituality
Who were you named after? So many people ask me if I was named after Veronica from "Betty and Veronica" comic books. I was named after Saint Veronica from the Catholic tradition and the Sixth Station of the Cross, LOL. Out of an act of kindness, she ... Religion & Spirituality
VeronikaAnnJ Apr 5 Apr 5 1010 Religion & Spirituality
.An Honest Message From the White House Youtube
News & Links
Dyl1983 Apr 5 Apr 5 11 News & Links
Trump says 'nobody' could've predicted a pandemic like coronavirus. Here are all the times he was warned about it and refused to take action. [] General & Hellos
Dyl1983 Apr 5 Apr 5 55 General & Hellos
Why do you see very few Atheist conservatives? I lean to the left on socail issues but to the right on other issues. Politics
Chickenwing Apr 5 Apr 5 55 Politics
Can the U.S.A. build ... General & Hellos
Nader Apr 5 Apr 5 22 General & Hellos
Now it all makes sense. Silly, Random & Fun
GeorgeRocheleau Apr 5 Apr 5 00 Silly, Random & Fun
For years, my opinion was that their blatant promotion of Islam would lead to the downfall of the European Union. Perhaps the Chinese virus will accomplish the task much sooner. [] News & Links
PBuck0145 Apr 5 Apr 5 00 News & Links
Arguing with someone who does not understand mathematics on the subject of mathematics is about akin to trying to get an elephant to exercise itself by running around a hamster wheel. Silly, Random & Fun
Archeus_Lore Apr 5 Apr 5 11 Silly, Random & Fun
We are literally social distancing in a physical manner hopefully temporarily. We must permanently distance ourselves from trolls by not engaging the mofos directly. Religion & Spirituality
barjoe Apr 5 Apr 5 22 Religion & Spirituality
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